New Skill Cards Still Locked

So for me, all the new skill cards have not unlocked, despite the relevant class being at required level.
Demolitions, I’m level 18, yet the gambit card is still locked, it unlocks at lv18, played with a friend earlier, all his new cards are unlocked, very frustrating.


Same for me. Playing on PC.


I feel a little better knowing I’m not alone, but still frustrated, hope it’s sorted quick, I’m on series X

We’re on it. Sorry about that.


Thanks Team, Im just stressed as 3 of Kats cards (now architect) have never unlocked since they were introduced, holo extend, stim capacity, custom snub.
I submitted tickets & have been told that fixes were issued, yet no change.


It is missing that Marcus’s definitive “Comments on the rifle” for each shot returned the duration, when I do it already runs out very quickly despite having level 5.

The duration is very essential against enemies that carry heavy machine guns, and he great duration using the Retrolancer with the with headshots.

If you mean “rifle feedback” that card has been changed to “focus” it simply just increases living legend time based on the cards level

I still have 17 cards to go for level 6, but I’m not convinced by the focus that now has, yesterday I was still able to play and the ultimate lasted until wave 50.

The card does not increase duration based on rifle hits anymore, that was one of the changes made for operation 5.

They were all unlocked this morning (10:30am UK time) @ICEMAN_LXXVIII