New Skill Cards For Promotional Classes

Given that the Promotional Classes were originally DLC characters and weren’t given as many Skill Cards as in-game Classes, had they been given extra Skill Cards in one of the operations, what do you think they would be?

Players in Drop Shield gain 5 Stim Per Second
Increased Shotgun Ammo Capacity
Executions Drop Ammo

Enemies Shooting At Hologram Causes Stun
Shock Damage (Embar, Shock Grenades, Shock Barricade, Shock Sentry) Causes Bleeding
Hologram provides Stim To Nearby Teammates

They were actually given some extra skill cards and/or perks, or had existing cards changed to make them a little more worth playing.

I’d have liked seeing a card for Striker that reduces the damage the mace takes when getting hit by like, 25% or something at max level(50 might be pushing it a little), considering how it’s the only way that class can do high damage over a short period of time.


As nice as an idea as this would be, the game is essentially on life support from TC since they’re supposed to be working on Gears 6. So unless it’s an absolutely gamebreaking bug then TC won’t take action on it. Maybe they’ll consider some of these for any classes in Gears 6, or the idea to have better card balance for promotionals in Gears 6, but this isn’t gonna happen in Gears 5.

There wouldn’t be any changes and additions at this stage of the game’s lifecycle. It’d be nice if some of these ideas and concepts returned in GOW6. I’ve always liked the idea of the Protector’s Bubble Shield causing shock damage to enemies that enter its radius; or if it gave stim to allies when the enemy shoots it (similar to the Anchor’s Harness Energy card.

And as for the Slugger, theres so many possibilities for a truly dedicated grenadier class in future games. To start with, all grenades should have dedicated skill cards which buff them. Like one which enables Incendiary Grenades to cause burn damage over X-seconds; or tagging Flashbangs to robotic enemies makes them friendly for X-seconds. Theres plenty of room for creativity.


New skill cards would be cool but TC is no longer supporting this game. Plus with the 296 cards and 19 classes that already exist, you’d just be adding to the list of bugs/exploits/glitches within the PvE system lol.

Striker in my opinion needed the Pipe as a loadout weapon (albiet with its durability tweaked, the pipe is fragile as is) and that Enhanced Stim card from Infiltrator for the decent damage resistance, that card will synergize with Stim Siphon, it’ll make the class tanky and with the speed boost, give it time to close gaps or make retreats. Its Ultimate should have a much wider AoE with every melee hit, one smack can stagger multiple drones for example, live up to its crowd control role.

Protector’s passive would be better without the delay in healing from bleeding enemies, and of course changing the resist 30% melee damage to general damage, so it can stack with its damage resistance perk, the dropshield honestly needed some tlc, if it had Tactician’s Healing Module effect and the ability to be able to shoot from within the bubble, or at least not affect teammates from blocking their shots, it’ll make the dropshield more worthwhile in using.

Someone else already covered Slugger beautifully, so no need for me to elaborate on that.

Architect is better off being a straight up pure support class, they suck as engineer. Spamming Hologram, when it actually works and using Deception is pretty fun to use. The class honestly needed more damage based skill cards and maybe some cards to get some more usage out of the hologram, its pretty one note. It’d be pretty cool if it had like Gunner’s Reflect Shredder effect when it gets attacked, it’ll certainly help clear waves if things get dicey.


These classes just need like a few tweaks here and there that can make em shine a bit more, what we have now is totally a step in the right direction and way better then what they used to be. I’ve really taken a liking to using Striker lately myself, despite the bugs and fragility of the class.

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