New Skill Card Art

I’m sure it was as an accident on TCs behalf but a lot (if not all) the skill cards have updated artwork

They replaced the characters with a cog soldier and it all looks terrible and generic!

Definitely a downgrade from the original cards

Interesting side-note: Lahni is wearing New Armor and a Headband which appears to be what she has on during the leaked footage from Gears 5 accessibility documentary


Well they did put the most generic character there for a reason. We’re gonna be able to use anyone with these skills in the next op but I honestly didn’t see a point in doing that since we’re using a characters skill set. I see why they did it but it just looks boring.


I know why they did it, it’s just so poorly executed in both timing and style

What’s extra confounding is that some of the cards still have the original characters but with new artwork (like Lahni and Clayton)

lame examples like Benjamin appearing on ‘Cole Skill: Pyromaniac’ and Kait appearing on ‘Cole Skill: Damage Dash’

And extra oddball examples like Vermelo appearing on ‘Sisters to the End’


Aye, can see why they did it. But there was really no need for it.
Wouldn’t make any difference if it was still Lizzie on the Aggressive Armor card instead of the generic gear, think people would still understand what it was…
Also only using the male gear model from what I’ve seen, if they were gonna do this then they could at least mix it up a bit with the genders.

ALSO, not all are converted, Clayton still got some of his. Grub Magnet and Heavy Charger still uses his model.
The score boost skill card sure, but they should have kept the others.

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It’s just a visual change it’s not like it affects the cards in any way

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No one’s saying it does - it just makes them look like hot garbage and void of all personality

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They look good to me and about as likely to upset me as if the artwork on the box of my favourite cereal changed.

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That argument also works the other way. What difference would it make if the different classes still kept the original, actually decent looking artwork? At least for the ones that got replaced with the generic COG Gear or armor.

And there is odd ones out like Dom(?) on Marcus’ Band of Brothers skill, Firestarter Ben on Cole’s Inner Fire and Pyromaniac, Lizzie on Del’s Flow skill, while some skills remained unchanged.

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No difference exactly. It’s just not that big of a deal to me as long as the cards work like they’re supposed to who cares who’s on the cover.

Besides if classes got separated and they kept the character specific cards people would still complain about it so this is just better imo.

It’s not even about the lack of characters (although I agree with @AmicableWall421 that I’d prefer if they’d stay) the original artwork looked really good, had personality, and was done with effort, this new artwork looks so cheap,. goofy, and done with very little care.

To me it’s just another warning signal that things are changing at TC in terms of direction and quality and it’s not looking positive.


Is this a joke?

Op4 has been nothing but positives, engagement with the versus users on tuning, new maps for horde, decent new maps. Listening to feedback on pve, tuning changes and on and on.

Yet a few meaningless cards have what you consider lower quality artwork and the sky is falling down.


No disrespect in sayin this I’m on the fence for this.

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At least they bothered, they could of left it but the work was still done to match the changes coming.

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They look fine. It’s a non-issue even if they looked completely awful imho, these forums will complain about anything.

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The LAUNCH of OP4 was nothing but positives but these mid-season decisions have been terrible.

-Only 2 stacks for Ranked TDM
-Even worse netcode for Non-USA players in versus
-Insane prices for mediocre skins ($15 for Ronin Kantus)
-The ever growing inflation of skin prices for Gear Coins (10k for Workout Fahz)
-Farmer Dom only for Iron 2 weeks In a row
-The new hive being a lazy enemy spam that literally drops the frame rate of the Xbox One X into the low 20s
-New Horde event being the same 3 tile maps we just played to death
-Nerfing Fahz despite finally having him in a fun useful spot at the start of OP4
-Only one new Map and 2 recycled ones we’ve all played 10,000x
-The accidental inclusion of Minh and Sam in the store
-Now we have the OP5 decoupling of classes and duplicates for horde, which is a lazy way for TC to not have to create new classes for DB, Anthony, Benjamin, Gary, Dom, UIR, Minh, and Sam, but also sell you lots and lots of new skins
-The new artwork for cards is so lazy that they reused Baird’s armor for every single defense card

This is a lot of BS to put up with, it hurts because OP4 started off amazing, I loved it, but it’s now just becoming a slippery slope of terrible decisions and poor execution


It also happens on PC for example with my Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and is horrible, and my friends who plays on Xbox says is unplayable, TC didn’t care if it causes possible random crashes or freezes.
And the rest of stuffs are a huge step back. They don’t have balls to keep some of the few good things they did before.

My PC can’t handle it well either.

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I’m guessing it will be her Brash Bridage - skin sometime in the future. Coles card for example use Trashball Kait and Firestarter Benjamin as Card art and those are already in the game.


All that sucks but I am worried about the no duplicates rule going away. Think back to gears 4. How many times did you see a Sniper BEFORE magic bullet was introduced? How many times did you see a soldier if they weren’t spamming the hammer strike on a boss wave? In GoW4 most setups were 1 engi for building, 1 scout for energy and 3 heavies. Soon changed to snipers after magic bullet.
In GoW5, when no duplicates goes away were gonna see lobbies saying “1 engi, Jack, 3 JDs” or 3 keegans or whoever is on top at the time. I actually like the no duplicates rule. Gives us a reason to use some of the other classes. When G5 launched most of the people who had a problem with no duplicates were the ones who ONLY lvled up the current meta char(JD).


I’m sure some of your points are valid but they are areas that I don’t play much but of the ones I do…

You said it’s mediocre, so why care? You don’t have to buy them all.

Gears coins are flowing at a far higher rate than I ever thought they would. If you are not buying cards the rate is more than generous enough to buy the skins you like. Again this is a far better method moving forwards than what we had.

I think it’s a good idea that iron spenders get longer exclusivity with a new skin than even 2 weeks. I’d be happy with a month. If you want it bad enough buy it or get it for game time with GC a little further down the line. Perfectly acceptable to me and better than what we had.

So that’s 6 new maps in one OP so far. Despite you having played “3 of them to death” that’s not the actions of a team giving up or phoning it in. You have played those 3 tiled maps to death, then surely you like them. Win. Again we had no horde events and we have had a big increase. What more do you want? A new map each week?

Yeah I can see that’s frustrating but they have to think about the overall balance and others will get similar treatment, granted it sucks when it’s someone you like using but I prefer that to leaving someone OP for months.

They have explained the reasons why many many times and if they give us reworks they have given ones the community stats made them popular. You can’t please everyone on map choice. They have stated many times the focus is now on maps, again does that sound like a company not listening or lowering quality.

Come now you really think that’s a lowering of quality or just a small mistake made in hundreds of games. People wanting Sam and Minh will just be glad they are coming. Or just start whining like Veruka Salt about not having it now. If that’s a mistake in game quality I can live with those all day long. New content confirmed coming.

Sorry that’s laughable. Lazy? They reacted to what the people asked for, skins quicker. I could be wrong but who even wants new classes for every single new character? I don’t want to spend ages leveling them all up or the balance issues with 30/40/50 different load outs. They gave people what they wanted. If it was about selling new skins, they could have not introduced Gears Coins. They didn’t want to hold up characters for Versus by needing Class load outs. The right decision in my opinion.

Again a non issue, I’d rather they got all the descriptions correct than worry about what a card looks like.