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New season update, - glitchy, mainly in close combat

Hi TC,

I think the new patch has some issues:

  • Its laggy/glitchy, every time your up close and shoot, it jerks on the Xbox One X with 25 ping,
  • My team of onyx and gold , we all placed bronze 1. its the new silver 2.
  • Before what ever happened in the update, the game was getting a bit better.

not sure what you have done.

edited, as this is not how the post should be taken (go play 4 , that’s not how we keep this game alive and keep people playing it)

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Yes, it’s a glitch fest. Total trash server side net code. Same as UE. 4 was somewhat better, but still useless compared to G3, made almost a decade ago.

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ok i have gotten back to Onyx, but when ever we are in a 5 person stack the score is really hard to get positive numbers

glitchy, just made another post which is closely related to this.

looking forward to more updates

Is this what the games come too? Anytime something new comes out or a big update gets released we have to wait for the next update for them to work out the bugs in this one?

Overall I do not mind as long as TC iterate to an improvement

I was slightly annoyed as Gears 4 seemed to have to go through this pain too, I would have hoped for more of a
lesson learn approach.