New season 4 emblem

How long gonna take the new emblem to be in our inventory? And it gonna be a exclusive diamond 5 rank or just for all diamond rank?:disappointed_relieved::roll_eyes:

You didn’t get yours yet?


You’re not gonna get an answer until it’s ready. They don’t announce timelines like this beforehand

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I dont think there will be a diamond master emblem for season 4. But there will be s new diamond master emblem for the current season which is season 5.

TC did not announce when the diamond 5 emblem for this season will be available.

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They already confirmed there is one actually. There will be one for Season 4 & 5

Confirmed S4 emblem is coming soon after the next update (which is Nov 6-9)


Te amo, API. Thanks for the answer. I see u in the Angry’s streams.