New Roadie Run animation removed

Well after watching quite a bit of the ELeague livestream, it’s all but confirmed that this roadie run animation has been removed and replaced with the old one.

A moment of silence for me, who puts a lot of value in games having new animations. :pensive:


Good news,

No idea what kind of jiggling is happening in that “new” one :sweat_smile:


I imagine it’s criticism like this that led them to changing it. And fair enough, though the Gears 4 roadie run still has a ‘wiggle’ to it, it’s not nearly as emphasized. I just think they should’ve improved it instead of reverting back to the old one since animations are a huge part of what makes a game feel new instead of a rehash.

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Yes! Now it’s even more like Gears 4. :smiley:

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They may improve it.

No reason they can’t work on it and update the game at a later date.

Rather revert to old than get something off putting in the new.

From what i’ve seen, looks like new animation is here, but just as a small boost after leaving a cover, but it’s so short that nearly non visible.
The second animation when hands became more close to chest while somebody hit you is here too, but looks kinda random or maybe it’s another animation when character is getting down a litte bit, i’m not sure.
Really hard to tell, somebody need to investigate this more close.

One thing i’m sure about is i don’t like all that changes. New animations was cool and alive as new pistol and granade roadie run. It need to be adressed for sure. New animations was better.

Good, because the new animation looks like that Swarm over-ate at an Indian Buffet and really, REALLY had to go.


Aha sums it up tbh :joy:

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When you gotta go you gotta go.

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In my honest opinion I loved the new animation it gave the swarm more personality

New animations just looks better, that’s all i can say.
They’re more natural and alive and…simply new after all.
It’s a big thing for me because i really wanted animations and physics improvements in G5, because nowadays Gears animations doent’n look very modern and high level to be honest.
I’m not talking about an actual human style animation, motion capture or stuff like that, i know it will be a problem to introduce it right because of wallbounce, or animation cancelling for example, but some chages need to be done to make animations better and more natural.


I liked the new animation personally as it looked like an actual sprint with a weapon in hand.

Roadie Running in general is odd to me because it’s just literally them Hunching forward a while their legs amp up at 2x walking speed

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I honestly love the new roadie run animation. I don’t see why some people don’t like it. It almost looks authentic to me. Hopefully they keep it for the final version of the game.


It looked like they were going to trip over their own feet!

This is ■■■■■■■ embarrasing. The new animation looked 10x better and actually makes this game look fresh. GOW4 roadie run and animations are ■■■■ tier. Absolute clowns in this thread holy ■■■■.

GOW 5 being ruined before launch unbelievable.


They looked like they were drunk. They definitely can be reverting back just for now to improve on it later though, it’s not a hard thing to change at any time.

Totally, as long as the game play and mechanics are good, what it “looks” like is small in the grand scheme of things!

This new animation looks awesome, they REALLY should keep this one!

I honestly thought the new animation kind of made them look like they had to use the bathroom really badly


I couldn’t quite put my finger on what made it look janky to me, but I think you hit the nail on the head :joy: