New Re-Up System

The new Re-Up system and rewards are coming into effect Tuesday Feb 9th but I have 1 question towards anyone who might have extra info or has heard about. I know there will be Heroic skin characters coming such as Marcus and the Kantus and perhaps Myraah too, but does anyone know if there will be additional heroic skin characters such as Fahz/Baird/Minh of something like that?

I have seen a cog gear with the heroic skin variant and heard that was going to be in game as well but I’m not 100% sure. Anyone who may know I’d like your input and if you would like to see additional Heroic skin variants feel free to discuss below. Thanks.

I mean they already stated more is to come to re-up changes. Pretty sure we’ll see more heroic characters along the way it wouldn’t really make sense for just 2.

Then again this is T.C. so.


A very half-■■■■■ changed now I’ve really had a proper look at it. Not much more content is there really.

Two skins (ugly imo) and a weapon set that is almost identical to the heroic venom.

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Where did you hear this?

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It was stated a few times on dev streams. Unsure if that idea has been abandoned.


Mostly likely the latter