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New Re-UP skins! Get-Some

just seen the Get-Some weapon skins under each different weapon says Re-up under the gun do you have to be a certain Re-up? or is it not ready to be given out yet? looks awesome though! can’t wait to get them I’m 7th Re-Up right now hope to see more rewards like this in this game but this is a start

Rlly? What reups do you get new skins?

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It could be they are for later re-ups or they could start providing multiple rewards for each re-up (applied retroactively). I believe they’ve already acknowledged the current single skin rewards aren’t very, er… rewarding

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that’s what im wondering lol… I check everything daily to see if they sneak something in lol

There’s a post on the General Discussion forum mentioning the Team Ice skins are also now re-up skins


Thank you

That’s Awesome I like the Team Ice skins! agreed and yeah its a start at better rewards we definitely need better for putting the time in! I’m happy with the Get-Some skin but looking forward to more hopefully