New Re-Up skin + team ice

Get Some! And Team ICe are now re up skins.

Pretty dope.

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Wait a minute. Team ice skins are re-ups now? Weren’t they suppose to be an event?

Thats what they kept saying… But hes right it says re up reward under it now instead of tour 1…

Wow so another lie lol

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Can I trade in my desert camo skins?


Thats what im saying, i stopped grinding for reups because there were no rewards. So now that the boost is almost over there are better skins to get lol. Just another " screw everyone before this update" thing. Atleast we can buy winter marcus for the same price again…

Thanks OP for the info,That’s awesome,I’m only on 4th re-up,getting nowhere fast,did not like the desert skins,Thanks TC,

The Golden rule that
“Gnasher -Purist -LANCERISOP”

Never met.

maybe it’s a bug?:thinking:, my game text is in english now before it was german

at what re-up and if on low are they retro active?

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What real do I get this at

I don’t think they’re retroactive because I’ve re-upped since they appeared and still received only a desert camo skin. I seem to remember @TC_Octus expressing surprise about the new skins in the dev stream. This could mean they’re not intended to be active until operation 2, at which point they could be applied retroactively or they could just be rewards for much higher re-ups that no one’s unlocked yet.