New ranking too grindy

So I know the old system was a bit confusing, but do we really like this new system? I want my points back. Every single game I get like 93-95 and so does everyone else. It’s really dumb, and all that matters now is winning. I hope they tweak the hell out of it. Bad players will end up in high ranks. So far the preseason is highly competitive at least. I’ll give it time but I’m not sure I like it. Thoughts?

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Same should of kept the score system as it was then showed you at the end how much gp you got .
Also I find it abit unfair how people are getting loads of points for kills , yet most of their kills are from power weapons . I think if you use pick ups / power weapons you should get less gp for a kill

Yeah, I’m not a fan of the GP being displayed. I had a game where I had the most kills by a large margin, but I didn’t win MVP because someone else maxed at 40 elims, 10 caps, and 10 breaks, despite me actually doing more to secure the win. I just had less breaks. Kind of stupid elims are capped at 40.

I do think too much emphasis is placed on winning currently.

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My quick take after a few hours of KOTH play is I’m really liking it. Maybe it’s my imagination but it’s almost as if the matches are more competitive and people are playing the objective more. All the matches I played were overall close calls. I like the instant gratification you get from certain actions and you see your GP count go up right away, I think that motivates some people to play differently and pay attention to the objective more.

Not sure how it is with the other modes, but looking at the ranking chart I like how they designed it. To me it is just a lot clearer overall than the previous system. Will see how it goes when I go up in ranks, because Bronze you don’t lose any GP if you lose, but as you go silver and higher you will start losing GP if you don’t play as well and your team loses. Silver is 65 so technically you could stil gain points when your team loses but you won’t gain much. And as you go up the ranks I think it will become more difficult to maintain the rank if you keep losing, which is how it should be I think. So far so good for me, have to play more

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Bad players will not end up in high ranks. The entry fee will make it at higher ranks so that if you’re not winning the match you won’t be ranking up but instead ranking down. You can only mitigate a loss in points so much by in-game contributions. I don’t think you’ve played enough to assess how much the impact of the new system will really have at higher ranks.

Wait until people start to get into masters and see how it pans out.

As for ‘grindy’ I do agree it seems grindy for the first few ranks, but the amount of points to reach the ranks afterwards is less and less - however the entry cost is more and more, so it will get to the point where you need to win and perform to a certain extend to continue moving up the ladder. Give this new system time in the pre-season

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