New ranking system on G5?

can anybody tell me when the new ranking system will go live in gears 5 ?

After the update is applied,which is still TBA.

Twitter post from NOV 1 said “next week” so my guess is sometime this week :slight_smile:

It was confirmed for Tuesday on the developer stream, wasn’t it?

As that’s when the title update comes out, and they said it would happen at the same time as the TU.

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I think it was, but you know how TC is with setting times for things. We’ll probably be lucky to see it by this Friday.


TC can target a certain day (or around then) but depends on when the TU is finished, when it goes into and then out of certification etc.

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It’s out Wednesday:

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Of course it comes out just after I check for it hahaha

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some of you need to learn to read the blog or understand what was written…

the changes will take place over the course of three phases

1st phase is already implemented, 2nd phase goes live with TU2(Nov6)

3rd phase some time after that . time? within a week or two after Phase 2.