New Ranking System, is it worse than before?

Lol sounds like its not working again. Im totally surprised, not!

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I just don’t know which way is up anymore .

Does placements against a Master and people around onyx/gold:Mk.
Does fairly well for what I was put against:Mk
Lowest Bronze Tier

Hold up


The ranking system again just plain confuses me.
I’ve played exactly 1 game of ranked since the change, for gears MM it was really good, one outlier ping at 60 odd, the rest 10-40, GG MM (for once).
Even all around the same tier (+or- 1) us 50,000 odd them 52,000 odd.

Smacked the team failry easily, got mvp both rounds, scored the larger part of my points in the 1st round, double the caps in the 2nd, 1 more elim (but going on points more assists vs kills).
Somewhere in the 2nd round they had a guy quit.
Ya know GG.

Then I get to the rank points, 770 points for the 2nd round, where bar the caps I slacked off a bit.
That 1st round though? 1 point,
1 bloody point for the round where I did the most work had the most kills, biggest point lead, etc etc.

I was also easily the lowest rank on the team unless we picked up some onyx/diamond somehow, and even then I beat that ringer.

I don’t play enough to care too much about my rank, in the past one big loss set me back weeks worth of grind, but this just made me roll my eyes, shake my head, and think of threads like these

Um No.

And the team score algorithm is based on Rank! Duh!

Ranking system is terrible. This game it’s too easy to rank up. Should make it more difficult

I was swarm this match and a heavy underdog as you can see. I was 2 or 3 on my team with 40 some eliminations not my worst but not my best. If it’s so heavy on winning as a team why do I get nothing for this. Guarantee next match I go into someone on my team will quit and I’ll lose a couple hundred pts from maybe the first rd before they quit and had less than 1000 pts.

Man dont even get me started on this BULLSHYT

They did when they started giving 10% on caps and breaks of what you used to get. I will have matches end with 89 eliminations 19 caps 34 downs and win mvp and get 316 pts…lol this game s ranking system makes me not want to play

I think that’s what you are looking for :

You’re welcome.

I wasn’t looking for anything. Good looking out though.

In principle, it is worse now. It was easier for me to get masters before than it is now. People wanted result to matter much more, right? Here you have it. Didn’t like winning and losing points? Well, that is why you now get zero points, it is a safeguard against those cries.

80/20 to result is ridiculous.

We don’t play the same game hahaha🤦🏻‍♂️

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Got back last night to Onyx 1 after getting around 106 eliminations or so and winning the match. (Was stuck in Gold 3, 54%)

After that I won another match, and didn’t rank any higher…(Still 88%)

Lol bro i gave up after i dropped from a D2 to silver 3 post update… Its impossible to reach anything without a full stacked team now cause god forbid you lose you lose all the points from winning plus more

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Master leaderboard is worldwide? or is a classification table for each server?

Was just a 20,000 point underdog in a match and won…guess what !? Got 0 points :metal:


New combined feedback thread here