New Ranking System is a Disaster

Agreed. Just take Elims out and go back to Kills like every other Gears game and that might lower the incentive for camping and Lancer whoring. There’s nothing good about Elims… they just inflate stats and promote Lancering. Awarding a player an Elim for 2 lancer bullets or 1 snub bullet is absolute ■■■■■■■■ and it’s part of the casual friendly, skill gap lowering nonsense that got us all in this mess in the first place


Eliminations are too easy to earn. You see people with ridiculous amounts of eliminations. I have gotten over 90 eliminations in KOTH, many which occurred without much engagement. Eliminations, in my opinion don’t mitigate stealing downs . Personally, I believe eliminations encourage kill stealing. The concept of eliminations seems to imply that assists are just as significant as kills.



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You must be a Noob that keeps on gold or onix

I think they should go back to the traditional scoring, and come up with some score to GP algorithm. They CLEARLY don’t care about individual play

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Nobody claims the old system caters to individualized play. They clearly don’t care about that. Traditional scoring, individual stats ,. That’s what should count toward your rank. Not how good your team does. Most adults don’t have the luxury of stacking a squad to play. We play in our leisure time. So your next comment will be “go play FFA” . How about they just stop trying to transform gears into some new crap and leave certain aspects alone. If I play annex, KOTH, whatever, and I played better than anyone else, I should be MVP, my rank should not decrease because my team was trash. Anyone who disagrees with this is just a sheep. Keep on following.


It is true. Just because you play the game doesn’t mean you understand the previous rank system, which is apparent.

How many points you lost (Post OP 1) depended on who you lost to and how you performed. What rank were you losing a lot of points in?

It’s not overconfidence. You were incorrect about the previous ranking system being only about winning. It was mostly about winning, but there were elements of personal performance.

He said himself it’s possible the player regenerated health. Plus, elims are elims. Assists or kills = elim. 1 lancer bullet still causes damage. Damage = assist, provided they are killed before regenerating.

  1. Ditto

  2. So then you are incorrect about what you previously stated, obviously

  3. There were elements of personal performance that were negated when you lost, bcuz you gained zero points even if you were the best on your team. Clearly, you’re speaking about the scoring system for gears… 2? So you’re overconfidence is misguided.

  4. I stated the exact same thing, please read before responding.

Yes, zero point games happened more often, but you could still go up on losses. Happened to me plenty of times. Maybe you just weren’t good enough to have that happen.

Lol pretending like you know what I’m gonna say. Super cute of you. By transform gears into something you new you mean what exactly? There wasn’t ranks in multiplayer until 4. Then people like you started caring about their individual ranks more than having fun and going for team wins. Which now wins are emphasized more like it should be

And literally the comments in this thread and yours wants it to cater to individual play.

Lol yes a noob that’s been playing gears since day 1 got it. Seeming how you can’t spell onyx gonna go ahead and assume you’ve never gotten there

Very true. Hell I actually like the old system now. Good job TC. Always got to be a negative. Not hating, Just hope they take the feedback onboard and fix it ASAP.

The old system with tweaks they weren’t bothered to do would be great. That system showed skill but was flawed. This one is transparent but is not ranked at all and there is no skill

This ranking system isn’t a disaster I really like it, they award you for personal performance which is great, it’s a good start, the only problem is that ranking up relies too heavily on the win, winning should only really matter a lot in the onyx / diamond / masters ranks, even in gold you have to win to even go up. If you’re playing solo and are in gold and get rubbish teammates you’re screwed, think of it this way, you are gold rank, and you play the perfect game, get 100 gears points and lose, you go down regardless, I think that’s a bit harsh, instead they should double the amount of points you can earn during the match and get say only 50 points for a win for a little bonus That way if you play really well but lose you can still go up, And in the higher ranks they can make the win matter more by bring the points to earn in a game back down to 100 and the win is 150 that that way.

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I will say the same thing I say in every thread about this crap . Gears has always been a team based game. Not until the last 2 games did you actually DEPEND on your team to win to make progress. They need to reincorporate the LEADERBOARDS and stats based of personal performance and score in each specific game mode. Instead they have everyone programmed to care about these tiers WITH NO REAL PAYOUT. Why everyone cares about tiers and cosmetic rewards is beyond me. The only upside to tiers would be to be placed with opponents AND teammates of appropriate skill, which is BROKEN just like it always has been. Anyone defending this crap or saying “go play FFA” are just sheep.

This is why I don’t play ranked anymore. It’s bad enough to the point I actually plugged in a mic to b**** at someone for it. Of course it still happens in Social playlists as well but at leastI can find a new lobby. I don’t want scumbags like this on my team. No etiquette whatsoever. I just mentioned this in another thread today, too. In co op vs ai. Idiots were playing koth like it was a masters match.

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I don’t give a crap about ranked but this is a team based game.

Get the freaking objective, man.

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It’s TRUE tho lol

yea op is right its bs

New combined feedback thread here