New Ranking System is a Disaster

The new ranking system is heavily flawed. First of all, why are there caps? Im talking about KOTH btw. Anybody can get 40 eliminations specially since all it takes is a lancer bullet. Anybody can get 10 ring captures. And, anybody can get 10 breaks. These caps are not hard AT ALL. Speaking as a Masters player, it is more than easy to get 40-100 eliminations, 15-30 caps, and 10-15 breaks per match depending on the difficulty. With this new ranking system, us experienced players have to accept not being compensated for our efforts and performance. You’re telling me anything above 10 caps, 10 breaks, and 40 eliminations is worthless as far as ranking is concerned? So now Golds and Onyxes that manage to reach these numbers are in the same league as Masters who blow past these numbers regularly?

Koth has turned into a lancer fest (more than it already was, mind you). The incentive is now to get your 40 eliminations, 10 caps, and 10 breaks. This has caused matches where everyone just wants a piece of the pie in terms of gears points so all you see is camping (again, more than usual) and crossing. Even landing a pistol bullet now earns you an elimination AND 2 gears points. How is that fair? I understand that it’s a team based game mode but you have to acknowledge individual performance when it comes to ranking as well. If I end a match with 25 caps, 15 breaks, and 75 eliminations, I expect my ranking to be higher than Johnny on my team who only managed to get 10 caps, 10 breaks, and 40 eliminations.

While we’re on the topic of eliminations; while I do agree that everyone who participates in a kill, deserves an elimination tally, I believe that the 2 Gears Points reward should only go to the player who did the most damage or to the player who actually finished off the kill. Those who assisted should only be rewarded with 1 Gear Point. There’s no reason why Johnny who only landed a pistol bullet should be rewarded with 2GP while I was the one who went in, battled and won the fight only to be rewarded with an equal 2GP.

So here’s my suggestion:

  1. Caps should be set at 20 Captures, 10 Breaks, and 85 Eliminations

For a max “possible” total of 200 Gears Points. Realistically, no one would be achieving this number since as I stated above, when it comes to eliminations, players would be receiving 1GP or 2GPs depending.

  1. The player who does the most damage or actually finishes the kill deserves the 2GP while those who assisted should only get 1GP. Keep in mind that the 85 elimination cap would be a mixture of 2GP and 1GP earnings.

  2. MVP deserves a bonus 10 GP. And for Christ’s sake, MVP means MOST VALUABLE PLAYER, not “winning team’s most valuable player”!

I apologize for the long post.


It’s a work in progress. This is why they are doing a preseason.

“Since this is such a massive departure from our previous Ranked System, we’re starting Operation 4 with a Ranked Preseason. Taking place over the first few weeks of Operation 4, we’re going to use this time to gather your feedback, monitor progress and make any adjustments before we launch the full season.”


Agreed. I like this post. Kill 2gp assist 1gp

It’s a pre-season. Nothing is permanent. The Ranked system is a massive improvement over what they had in Gears 4 & Gears 5 launch.


In case TC is reading this thread (they did say they would be gathering our feedback),

  • I agree 2 points should not be awarded for minor help in someone else’s elimination.

  • But on the other hand , it shouldn’t only be person who finished the kill who gets the 2 points: this would incentivize kill stealing

  • So maybe if you do at least x amount of damage you get the 2 points for an elim. I believe this might already be the case as I have contributed a bullet or two to someone else’s kill before and not gotten an elimination credit. Not sure if this is because of a damage threshold not being reached or if because the player had regenerated all health lost by my bullets by the time they were killed

  • perhaps bonus points for eliminating someone above your rank, fewer points for someone below your rank

  • revives and spotting should be worth something. Maybe earning “most revives” title or “most enemy markings” after match gives a 5% multiplier on your total points

  • Bonus points if you win a KOTH match with fewer teammates than opposing team due to quitters.


Is there any master thread for Preseason feedback? I couldn’t really find one. :thinking:

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You realize its gonna get harder as you progress right?
Eventually you’ll just be facing diamonds and masters so you wont be doing as well.


I guess so, but for some it’s the same and even worse than before.
The player’s base is low and the TDM community has moved to KOTH, so the Masters are double the numbers as before, even though all the masters now are striving to get out of bronze, so most of my matches are against them :sweat_smile:

That system was the best IMO. It was mostly based on personal performance and good players went up.

To OP:

You don’t need all this stuff. Just change elims to kills. That way, the better players will get more points.

Personally, I just want the old scoreboard back and have GP be something only you see. There’s been several games where I know I’ve done the brunt of the work to get my team the win, but someone else wins MVP because they had 1 more break…and 30+ less eliminations.

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I agree. You can drop 100 elms and a teammate drops 60 but he might get one more break then you and ends up on one point more after you have carried him. It’s a joke. I can’t be bothered with it. After one round 40 elms and your playing for a win bonus the rest of the game. Should not be capped. I dropped 113 elms and still finished 3rd in team next teammate was on 70 then 50 and 40s I done all the work and they got a few points more than me. It’s so broken it’s untrue. When I play I want points for all my kills not just 40 of them… please uncap TC

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Its actually not. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Solution is to play guardian, where are you are not bothered by this troublesome ranking you speak of.

Long live Guardian!!!

lol tell me about it, I played six straight matches against 5-stacked D3/Masters players. Wasn’t fun and they were all from Mexico as well which ruined the connections.

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Dang, same here buddy although I’m a Master my self but extremely soloist and that sucks :sweat_smile:

lol yeah it does, but it makes sense as this early on everybody is ranking up and on their respective journeys so you’re bound to run into top-level competition.

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When will people understand gears rank system will NEVER be perfect for everyone. Its been the same forever!

I’m glad I only play horde

I thought you wanted ranked Guardian?

To OP:
Anyhow, it may be easy to get all the objectives early on, but surely as you rank up the competition will get more fierce.

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It can be a Bronze lobby or a Master lobby. 10 caps and 40 elims is absurdly easy to hit.

Totally agree with you man.

The KOTH caps are simply a joke XD

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