New Ranking System - Good but consider this?

First of all, I really like the new ranking system. It’s a brilliant new system that is very clear for players. I think that the GP system is also quite enjoyable to see and progress with.

I have a couple of concerns but have ideas for how to rectify them, All points are linked though so I will partially explain each and keep skipping back to previous points to try and explain my ideas and reasoning.

Concerns -

  • Players losing GP / Rank due to bad teammates after winning
  • Players “boosting” or not deserving GP (Mainly in KOTH)
  • Kill stealing (as a result of a suggestion I am going to make)

Players “boosting” or not deserving GP

I know this is something that will be controversial but please hear me out. I understand that Eliminations were added so that kill stealing was less of a problem. We need to return to Kills and Assists now.

Kill stealing as a result of returning to Kills / Assists

I understand that this issue was annoying for players, I understand that Eliminations removed this issue. My idea would bring back the kill stealing “problem”.

Players losing GP / Rank due to bad teammates after winning

Each mode has in game caps on how much GP can be earned within that match. I understand that is needed to prevent quick ranking. However, in it’s current state I believe that at higher ranks, it won’t matter how well a player does they can’t possibly carry enough to not be punished as a result of a bad team.

I want to cover the GP cap concern first. I will use KOTH as my example but it will apply to all modes.

We can see here that the most a single player can earn (not including win bonus) is 100GP. In Bronze and Silver this is not an issue, if you lose you can still progress rank just by meeting the GP requirements in game with a potential +35GP.

I don’t want to comment on whether it’s “easy” or not because that’s subject to opinion, however it’s possible. Once you enter Gold and upwards, a player can meet all of their idividual player GP targets in a game but still lose GP overall if their team makes that player lose. I feel like if a player is playing well enough to meet their GP targets then they should not be punished for the loss.

An idea I have for this would be to adjust the individual player caps based on rank. I also would lower the reward to 1GP per kill.

With the cap adjustment based on rank I would do it in a way that would be reflective of what would be expected of a player of that skill level but have it so that if that player meets that target that they can at least break even with a -/+ of 0GP on a loss if they perform well, this way they can’t lose GP due to a team making them lose. If they’re meeting the increased goal then they’re not responsible for the loss. If they can’t meet the requirements then they will lose GP for the loss by an amount that is reflective of how badly they underperformed. This would also mean that winning is required to rank up.

This is my idea of how much a player should be able to earn in game with Kills, Caps and Breaks, not including a win bonus.

Bronze player - 65GP
Silver player - 65GP
Gold player - 130GP
Onyx player - 150GP
Diamond player - 170GP
Master player - 200GP

I understand that this opens up for the possibilty of a lower rank player not being rewarded fairly based on a good performance, however should that player overperform that way consistently then it will mean that they’re likely to keep winning and ranking up.

Going back to my point in relation to non deserved GP and Eliminations

I feel like it’s too easy to earn GP via Eliminations. It’s possible to put 1 Lancer bullet into somebody and be rewarded with 2GP for an Elimination. I think that’s something that will catch on and be abused in order for everyone to be reaching their Elimination goals.

This MUST return to kills and Assists now. As I said earlier I believe that kills should be worth 1GP, not 2GP. I am aware that this would leave people wondering how an Assist would have any value. To explain I want to refer back to the old Gears of War 1 scoring system whereby a player would earn 1-4 points based on which stage of the omen the assist would have put the opponent to.

I think that an Assist should give 1GP just as a kill would. An Assist should only be issued to a player who has either downed a player but had it “stolen” or if a player has dealt 3-4pt worth of damage (Gears of War 1 damage indicator). 1-2pt worth of damage is too insignificant to be rewarded with an Assist, therefore no GP should be awarded for that.

I feel like these adjustments would be both less annoying for high level players who are being teamed with people who are aren’t performing very well, also I think that it would provide a ranking system that places players well based on skill level.


To be honest this is an incentive for players to be more proactive during a match.
A single lancer bullet or a mark should always be rewarded as it’s team play and we had multiple requests from support players for their role to be acknowledged.
Marks are mandatory in this smoke meta.
Good players will reach masters no matter what system they’ll give them BUT lower ranks could be taught on the multiple aspects of team play.
1 gp may not be enough for anyone to prefer assists over straight up kills.

We should consider other aspects of the game mode and put gp for those as well.
Quick ideas: power weapon pick-ups, early rotations, successful ring defenses, kills from within the ring (there’s already a ribbon on this), full team wipes.
Each should have a low gp reward but still enough to spark interest and focus

  • It takes too long for climb ranks. They should remove the limit of points you can earn from each match or increase this at least. Is annoying how they reward mediocrity when there are many types of players. If I get 200 kills, but my tm8 gets 40eliminations with one bullet, (I mean, aim assist does it, not him) we are going to get same points.
    Similar case for breaks&caps, players who are really good on this, see themselves very limited due to this system. It should reward players whatever task they do, instead forcing everybody to do same tasks.
    Yesterday, I got my 80gp from 40 kills at min9 1st round. Should I go AFK then? My performance after that is almost no rewarded.
  • Bring back normal points to leaderboards
  • Remove GP from top right corner during the match

Edit: Also, if they do not plan to remove aim assist, which should be capped from certain rank in my opinion, they should show who plays with it during a match. Would be nice if they reward those with it OFF and I am sure, it would encourage others to play without it.


I try to be as open minded and respectful to other opinions as I possibly can be but this is by far the single most ridiculous comment I have ever read.

How is landing a single Lancer bullet being proactive?
Marking somebody, yes it’s helpful but it’s so easy that you do it without thinking.

People seem to have lost the meaning of “support”. Support is actually helping! Support is softening up the opponent so that a teammate can get an easier kill. Support isn’t tickling the opponent with a feather.

The problem Gears 4 & 5 had, more so 5, is that it was too easy for new players to score well alongside good players. Good players are there doing all the work and getting 100+ kills, whilst Little Timmy is sat at the back of the map playing with his feet but expecting to score just as well because “he’s supporting”.

My post actually covers what you want to see, a reward for supporting play with Assists. A PROPER ASSIST! If you don’t deal enough damage then you didn’t help, if you didn’t help then you didn’t assist, if you didn’t assist then you shouldn’t be rewarded. We need to stop making Gears easy mode for bad players.

Hey, yeah I agree and tbh that’s kind of what I mean with my post though. I think that there needs to be a cap on how much you can earn in game but I think that amount should only be enough to cover your “buy in” cost, the rank up should still be down to winning and this will be noticed more at higher ranks as the buy in becomes more expensive and with my idea of increasing the potential GP earnable in a match, it’d become more important.

With your example of getting 200 kills, that should cover a Masters player’s buy in of 200GP, that way if you lose then you don’t lose any GP, if you win then you progress with the full 150GP reward. Realistically an Onyx or lower player wouldn’t really be getting 200 kills so I feel like my idea would fit here.

As for what you said about a teammate getting Eliminations easily, I agree and that’s a point I was trying to make in this


I have not had the chance to play the new operation yet. Due to vaccation. However it seems legit what you suggest. It could be so that assists could use an addition system and when 100% is met it Will count as 1gp. So one player might assist someone 22% and then another 22% and a third assist at 66%. It then turns into 100% assist and 1 gp is earened.

I also suggest to add GPs for multiple kills, clutches etc.

Then thier should be a bonus or multiplier on how fast the game or round was won.

My concern with that is people are behaving like this is something that should be rushed. This is a ranking system to properly rank players against people of similar skill.

This shouldn’t be treated like a “reward” system, as much as yes I agree there’s a skill involved in the the things you suggested, it’s not important enough to deserve GP, especially no multipliers.

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Yes and if players can run over a team in 5 mins thats something that should be taken into consideration. For the sake of equal matchmaking and faster progression in rank.

I agree, but I think that would be very hard to monitor and implement

The new system has been live for barely 3 days. Let’s give TC and the new system a chance. That is what pre-season is for; to test and learn.

Most people don’t seem to be aware there is a 4 week pre season. They have a nasty shock coming in a month’s time when they “lose” all their hard work and go back to Bronze 1, which is how I understand it to work.

Thanks for the insult but you missed the meaning of my post.
This new ranked system could help people get better at the game by also acting as a tutorial.
I’ve been and probably always be a masters player BUT I also desire for others to improve and reach the same skill level as I have so every single match is tenfold more fun than what it is right now.
How do you achieve this? By teaching people how to improve by giving them a reward for doing something.

Maybe you lost sight of what it means to be a low rank player but there’s people out there not even putting a single lancer bullet into the enemy team.
And a few percent damage landed by a bronze means that an silver that constantly lands 83% will actually down someone for everyone to be happy.
Marks are easy but I’m still not seeing 5 marked enemies on the screen in any of my games. Or people focusing on one marked enemy.

So please lose the high rank perspective, despite the good job on this new ranked system I’m still not seeing all of those who didn’t get masters up to op3 to get it now.

So, let’s ask for more items to be in how someone stack up points,


It wasn’t an insult, it really was the stupidest thing I had ever read.

The new ranked system should not be helping people get better, acting as a tutorial? Please stop, please. Ranked isn’t the place for learning, that’s what social play is for. Ranked is just that, to give you a rank so that you’re finding people of a similar skill. But even to go with your point for a moment, if a player is learning how to play the game and is doing it in ranked. Where is the logic in wrongfully shifting that player up a rank so that they’re against better players when they’re not ready to do so? Surely it’d be more logical to keep that player in the lowest rank possible until they’re not feeling like they’re still learning anymore?

I have no issue with people improving, I encourage that 100% but people don’t improve just by the game handing out pity points. I know this is a silly example but if they made spotting a player worth 500GP but the kill worth 2GP, the spotter would be MVP and top of the board, that doesn’t mean they improved or did anything good, it just means that they earned points in a silly way. Players improve by playing against better people than them, by having to learn the hard way.

Honestly yes you’re probably right, I have lost sight of what it’s like to be a low rank player, but I haven’t forgotten how I learned to improve and my improving come from playing against some of the best GB players there was and losing to them over and over again, I had to look at where I was going wrong and change it, I didn’t just expect the game to feel sorry for me and give me a few rounds. If you say there’s people out there who aren’t even landing a single Lancer bullet then they should not be in Ranked, they should be in social or maybe even the Training section, you can’t build a full ranking system whilst considering somebody who can’t even aim their gun.

I don’t understand why you feel that spotting somebody should be so rewarding, please look at this. This was my Gears 3 stats.

This wasn’t boosted, this was just from regular playing, I did it because it was just muscle memory to do it as it’s part of the game, it was instinctive to do just like reloading my gun. Imagine if that gave you a reward, i’d be Masters all the time just by spotting people. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND SPOTS

I feel like you want to see everyone helped to Masters by recognising their contribution. Helpful things should be rewarded, basic gameplay should not be rewarded.

No, no more ways to “stack up points”, this isn’t a race or a “must get” goal. It’s a way to correctly place players in the correct tiers so that they’re playing against people of a similar rank. Yes, a player can set themselves a goal to improve enough to achieve a higher rank but they need to do that themselves by improving, not by the game offering it to them.

If a system was being built around what you’d like to see, we’d have a game where a Masters player would be against some of the best players in the world, they’d be there spotting and trying not to aim at the foliage.

Your ideas are more suited to generic XP progression and are awful in terms of correctly giving a player a true skill rank. Sorry but no, I can’t lose my “high rank perspective” because I understand what should and shouldn’t allow a player to get there. The problem this entire time has been that players have been able to play in a way that doesn’t match their skill but have been able to push to the higher ranks when that’s not reflective of their skill level. That needs to stop.

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Don’t see the issue in monitoring nor implementation in that. There’s a game timer for each round then add a total amount for the game. Take the GPs of the team and add a bonus or multiplier depending on game length. Can use decimals 1 -5 = one type of bonus 5-8 = another bonus 10-12 another bonus… TC has programmers and game designers and QA. It’s just a matter of how to balance it. The programmer will make that work in less than 2 h.


Kill assist need 2 make return maybe they can boost cap break score not fan of elimination based objective gameplay of koth tbh

Hmm, i’m really not saying you’re wrong with this idea I just don’t know the best way for it to be put in with this system.

If anything i’d say not so much to have it as a timed thing, perhaps more a case of +25GP for winning all rounds in the match?

The reason for the use of time would be to eliminate the " don’t cap let’s get the eliminations first" mentality. If you are a stacked team you can set up and just grind eliminations.

And yes winning double rounds should also be considered.


Hmm, that is a valid point.

Honestly I completely see your point of view, I just don’t know if it’s a good thing to be put in the game or not.

I’d like to say that you’re making a very good point for it but I want to remain on the fence, i’m 50/50 :slight_smile:

And I have to play it before saying anything more. Having a vacation when a new operation is released makes my fingers itch. :sunglasses:

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It’s really good, hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

Your entire post reeks of ‘I don’t want people to improve because I learned it the hard way’
It’s stubborn and if your can’t understand why today this is one of the biggest issue with the community/ game, well, you’re just delusional

your proposal is to continue to keep separation because ultimately you don’t want people to catch up.

If you read among the lines of the latest threads (tdm ones for example) it’s clear that most don’t yet know or even understand why they got this game wrong.
They think clips play style is what is needed to be at the top so they either try to learn that and jump in 1v3s or get discouraged and leave the game

That’s why I think they went this route. Whoever is in charge now is trying to give guidance to those who need obvious explanations to why they’re ranking up or not at all.
As I’ve said multiple times, I don’t expect anyone from onyx in previous ops to jump forward because there’s a new system in place. And I’ll get to masters again because those items were already set in my style I don’t need adjustments.
If anything, cracks have to adjust to a more balanced style.

For a lot of people that little performance table is going to be a wall to overcome as most already tried to blame the system rather than themselves.

This new system, as I read it, is both measuring and guidance. I think is great and can really help the whole player base.
More items and incentives rewarding multiple aspects is the road they’ve set this change on

Great idea, we need more items to be evaluated by post match score


I wrote this a long time ago. But it was more about what the players should get score from. Such as caps, breaks kills, etc.

I think that the players should get a score for capping but with a multiplier on the time, it stays capped. Example. So you cap the ring 10 points x seconds it stays capped.
Breaks would work the same but with a limit on broken. But gives more points if the breaker manages to cap that ring.

It should also give score depending on how long you capped the ring for and if a player caps 75% and another teammate caps 25% the points should show that way as well. As assist but for ring capping.

I also suggested invisible zones of defend\attack close to the ring \ power weapons where the elimination score gives more than other places.

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