New Pricing on Packs

The new packs are up and so is the new pricing system, pay for what you actually want and no surprises or fine print included.

Price for characters could be debatable but I’m ok for that on esports so time will tell. Pricing for weapon pack is perfect.

I see myself buying packs like these on Gears 5 when I don’t manage to get enough credits or play at all.

Agree the price on a full set of weapon skins is reasonable. Character skin pricing is still way off.

For anyone who has ever dropped a 100k credits hunting for a snub or other skin, TC will make a fortune on those packs.

3.99 or grind for 30 hrs?

To be honest I think 6.99 would be fair for a character… But, this is starting to go down the right path. Awesome TC is doing this.

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That would be even better, I’m glad TC has decided to make some changes.

The way things are going one might say that gears 4 has been a 2 year old beta and TC has learned all that is necessary to make gears 5 the best it can be.