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New points system, easier to lose points?

Since the new system has been in place, it seems to be a lot easier to lose a lot points when losing a game, than it does to gain a fraction of those points back when in a winning team.

Just lost over 2000 points after being in a losing team 2-1, yet yesterday I gained a total of 76 points from two back to back wins in a dominant team.

Edit: I’ve played 3 games today and dropped from Onyx 1 to gold 1

Makes no sense :man_shrugging:t2:

2nd edit: finally got on a winning team, second top points scorer and still dropped down a tier???

You can only gain / drop one tier per match so if you lose too many points in one game, you’ll see yourself going down even if you win points.

I wish I’d knew my rank but all I know is that I’m no bronze nor onix, I start the day as silver 1 and end in gold 3 only to lose it the next day and then win it back.

G4 wasn’t perfect but it’s rank system was waaaay better.

Bro u kno how many times i dropped from onyx to gold. I was a D2 an after update can barely get a 2. Round win cause its not based on individual performance as much now

Lost a game 0-2 as mvp. Got by far the most kills. Lost 270 rank points. I bet the afk guy and the chainsaw noob on the other team get +points.