New perk system for horde is bad

Am I the only one who doesn’t like the new perk system? With the fact that each character has its own ultimate and perk system, it feels like now I cant pick my favorite character to play as cause Ill get worried about the perks they come with and I’m wasting good potential. Not to mention that now certain characters will become overpowered and overused for that same reason… PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD SYSTEM “if it aint broke, dont fix it”


Yeah the new horde system is really boring. I love Gears 5 multiplayer but they made horde go in a weird direction.

Gears 4 horde had it right. All they needed to do is make it like Gears 4 and add a few new things to it. In game levels is a good idea but what’s with this “every character is a hero” nonsense.

I support this! Just bring back 4’s horde and leave this one as “New Horde” and watch the player counts to see which one the community prefers.

yeah imagine Gears 4 Style Horde with Gears 5 Playable Jack, the New Enemies/Weapons, and Choosable Ultimate Abilities no Restrictions on ANYTHING

You’re really forced into a fairly specific playstyle per character, and the equipable cards really don’t offer much variety so people can make builds like they promised. The in-game perk system is such basic stat increases that it doesn’t feel that noticeable in the later waves