New PC Issue after recent update

So as stated above I have this issue now that is strange, I am curious if anyone else has had this happen. Sometimes during a match, whenever I get a head shot, I get a crazy Dip in frame rate, this dip ONLY occurs during the head shot animation. I play locked at 90FPS, The dip hits me down to around 30 or more fps for a split second. It has never done this. Idk weird. My specs are (intel core i7-3770k @ 3.5GHz) (16GB RAM) (Nividia Geforce 1060 6GB) (64bit OS) Using a 144Hz G-Sync monitor playing this game from a SSD. whats up? I even set the game to the lowest graphical settings & I still get that slight dip.

Odd -

Just to add my input, I’m using a 1060 GTX 6GB, i56600K @ 3.5 and 144hz G-Sync monitor - SSD installation as well.

I frame lock at 120

Do not experience this specific issue.


Wait, wait, wait… my brain just remembered something.

G-sync is not compatible with Gears 4 to my knowledge. This may be your issue. (Gears is a forced borderless windowed game rather than full-screen and I think this is what causes the issue with g-sync compatibility)

I have a separate SSD with Windows and Gears installed along with old drivers (397.31) - which was before G-sync compatibility anyway (those came out on 417.71 I believe). That is a key difference between our builds.

My primary OS has the latest drivers with G-sync hooked up on the monitor - but I don not play gears on that.

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I know what you’re talking about, but I’m not sure if it’s exclusive to headshots. I use to notice that steamer AngryFPS would get fame drops when he got kills. When I started on pc I didn’t get this. Then, when I went beyond 60fps I’d occasionally get this on point blank gnasher kills. I don’t know why it happens, but it’s really unnerving in high intensity situations when I’m in a 1v2 and my screen pauses as I prepare to handle the 2nd guy.

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Does the same thing happen with Gore Off?

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Thanks for the replies, I haven’t tried gore off yet, I’ll do that tonight. Oh an yeah, the small FPS hit does Also accrue when just killing a player in general, It’s a little bit more noticeable when you get a headshot, either way, there’s a dip. Luckily it’s not after every kill or I wouldn’t be able to play. About the G-Synce, It is working because if I disable it, there is really bad screen tearing, but not when it’s enabled via Nividia CP. Tho it could very well be it. I’ll disable it tonight as well an play a few games to see if it Dips. Keeping Vsynce off, hate the huge Ms/response delay.

Its not your PC, its the game, they’ve been struggling trying to fix this game on PC for years now.