New patch broke Jack in campaign

Me and my buddies played 3 player campaign coop online and we noticed the 3rd payer (Jack) cannot upgrade anything. It just shows some blank icons on his skills and cannot be selected, but the passives can be selected and cannot be upgraded for some reason. For some reason, only the host can upgrade Jacks skills but the other players cannot. It was working before the update though.

Can TC look into this, cause playing as Jack is kinda lame without the player upgrading his skills and the host cannot upgrade until the 3rd player leaves, which is ridiculous. Thanks.


I’m having the same problem. I’m in ACT III Fighting Chance. Playing with 2 of my friend and I’m playing Jack. Discovered a new upgrade. I could pick it up but then the skills page is completely blank. I noticed when I did a reset, I got all of my components back and when I upgraded an ability, the “ability” didn’t show updated but the components got taken out of my bank.

Had my friend try and do the upgrade for Jack playing with 2 player co-op. She was able to install it but it doesn’t trigger the mission to complete it.

The work around that worked for me

Had another person begin the ACT instead of continuing with the person that started it before. We started from the very beginning of the chapter with the cinematic and Jacks skills finally showed up. This is playing 3 person co-op.

Jack was broke before the update. I got yesterday’s update. Started the game. (Not as host in Act 2 Chapter 5) The upgrade nodes and abilities were blank. Today the same PLUS at the start of Act 3, we all lost audio except for host.

I made a post about it yesterday. Someone had replied and said they had the same happen BEFORE yesterday’s update. This game is just poorly made.

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Same here, hopefully they fix this soon!

SAME WTF why are all new games broken?

Same here. Exactly the same.

Jack is broken. No upgrades possible,

Only if the host takes over jack (switching roles in lobby) Jack is upgradeable again.

PLEASE fix this.


I am having the same issue.

However, it’s worse now. We picked up the barrier upgrade. The game literally won’t let us progress. It wants her to equip the upgrade. However, she can’t as the icons are not there as OP highlighted. We reloaded checkpoint and it is frozen on this screen now every time we load in.

We also cannot so the fix mentioned by having someone else start the chapter as it’s her first playthrough and I’m hosting. So we would have to start the entire game all over again, just to get here again.

Is there another workaround, fix or acknowledgement that this is an issue?

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use the D-pad to change just found it out

Same here.

Yup I’ve been complaining about this since the update.


Just discovered this bug for myself. This makes it way difficult to play as jack and support the other 2 players

Yep me and my buddies are on Insane another game breaking bug from the most incompetent Devs in the world.

I went to lobby and went back one chapter and overwrote the current save and that seemed to fix it.

If reloading doesn’t work for you, or it breaks again later. Jack will work fine if controlled by the host. So whoever is playing as Jack needs to host the game and it should work. Since switching to jack being host we haven’t had any issues.

Ran into this friday while playing with one friend (no one controlling jack). We couln’t progress when we got the shock trap because he got trapped by the JACK upgrade menu.

having the same issue as well, a few times. happened with both x1 and pc, so it doesn’t matter what platform i was on

■■■■■■■ fix this ■■■■, can’t progress in the campaign after picking up the shock mine. Disappointing, buying a game and not being able to progress because of a bug.

You can still upgrade his passives, i can when i’m 3rd player, i just cant upgrade the main abilities that you get from progressing. I have his passives all done but hes still bad because i cant personally upgrade his mains.

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please go report the bug on

hopefully the more of us that report it the sooner it’ll be fixed

I have a fix to the issue simply load the last chapter than reload current chapter fixes the issue on both pc and xbox