New patch? Because of new skins or something?

Just seen an update came out. I assume it’s due to the new skins? Was only 120MB for me.

Maybe future skins? I haven’t seen any update yet and the store items appear as normal. I haven’t bought this weeks ones yet (Zombie Benjamin) as I’m going to wait and use Gear Coins although I have bought the CS Onyx Guard Vermello one (which seems to be usable without issues).

It says could not fetch price in store for me. Guess I’m the only one

Got mine without issues as well so, yeah apparently you are.

PC only maybe?

Short update; another pc user had a 900Mb update.

Update update: when he tried to join me he got “incompatible version of the game”, something like that. Console restart and wala 764mb update. I’m sure TC is being sneaky again and implemented the promised PvE buffs/nerfs

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Yup… I am a PC palyer and there is a nearly 900 MB update for me, too!

Yes, there’s a console update.

There’s something behind scenes for sure. Maybe TC announce it at any time?

Maybe the Horde/Escape kicking bug is finally solved!? :thinking:


Or maybe they fixed Mac’s face!? :exploding_head:


Someone told me it’s been fixed.

Mac has the new “big head mutator” applied as standard now.


Maybe the new story achievements for the new content?

The Jack O’Lantern Snub skin was originally missing from the set, so maybe it was adding this to it? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not happening only in Horde/Escape… it’s in PvP aswell… but something is really interesting about it because I have a Xbox X and not happens to me.

Nope, I’ve downloaded earlier and when I acquired the set the snub weren’t there. :frowning:

Social tab now has an alert to say it’s having problems. Also people in your game now show up…or at least it did for me just now.

That was there for me all the time.
But yea Social Manager seems fixed now, sorta.

Saferoom time is still over a minute so that’s still unfixed.

Leaderboards are messed up (check Top 100 on The Mist - lost of spots missing there).

EDIT: Also booting up the game takes much longer since the patch.

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wow, surprise patch.

hopefully they fixed everything they botched in TU10

Nah. He’s still lookin different.

New versus tuning was set to go live today. Prob what it was


Can confirm. Noticed the respawn timer for retro and overkill wouldnt start till the gun was off the map.

A welcome change. Lamers who think they are good would just harvest these weps for their team.

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