New pack very soon

Its highly likely we will get a pack within 2 weeks.
My predictions are: outsiders,Recruit Clayton,Karn and cyclops.

I was under the impression that savage Theron was the last one. Who knows

I know :wink:

Dude I hope karn gets added and I hope you’re right!

Nope, we will most likely get a V-Day skin for Dom, Baird & Cole as well.

Did they say something to that effect? Or, was it speculation?

Hopefully we get the Onyx guards as well (without the E/V-day Gear voice)

Whenever a pack drops, for me personally… I’d like,

Locust/Swarm - Cyclops, Karn, Miner or Hunter
COG - Prescott, Onyx Guard (Male or Female) Adam Fenix

Lol. This thread is nearly 3 weeks old😂

Hopefully another ButtNaked Oscar and more Rainbow skins.
We need more cosmetics

BDSM Oscar! :open_mouth:

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Oh wow. I will never be able to get that image out of my head🤢

There could be three variants like the Wrestler and Luchador packs - (1) Gimp Mask Oscar; (2) Nipple Tassle Oscar; and Gagball Oscar.

What’s the safety word Dave…? :joy:



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