New operation... Good, but... 🤦🏻‍♂️

With this new update, the game is interesting again. I can finally play ranked tdm with friends again.
But putting PC players in ranked is a lot of ■■■■■■■■!
PC users have a resounding advantage. I’ve always mastered at ffa, but now the first places are always PC people. Ridiculous choice! Please put back the option to remove cross play and people will go back to playing gears


PC is an advantage to some xbox consoles but it wont determine if you’re better.

Then again not all PC’s are super buffed either.

I want to buy the new series s/x for Gears only but the problem for me is actually finding one & not having to pay $1,000 for one a scalped one - on my local sites- that’s been unsealed & unsure what’s wrong with.

When you play from xbox against PC, you will realize.


I have, only thing I realize was that nothing changed


I would like to know the real spec difference between a solid pc and the series s and x.

I’ve got an S and I dunno I don’t feel like I’m getting absolutely battered although I dunno who’s playing on a pc or not.

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I’ve been doing that before this mandatory cross play though , it really isn’t all that bad.

I have the original xbox one too.

I might go buy a sclaped series S or X because I really want to experience this game at its absolute best.

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Careful on the thread you say this on, I was getting jumped right now lol

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Aside from higher fps and lower input delay , PC doesn’t really have an advantage over Xbox. Besides, the Series consoles both have those advantages. M&kb doesn’t matter as much in this game because better accuracy isn’t as important in gnasher fights. And if you disagree then just buy a Cronus and play off a m&kb lol

Ment to do this kinda reply (I’m so god damn blind an stupid) but just get good. a lot of good console players can destroy pc players

are you kidding? It’s not just a matter of game speed and input lag. Playing with the mouse gives an exaggerated advantage!

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How so? Most of the weapons in Gears 5 aren’t precision dependent.

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you just won that argument the only just that rely on aim an would deeply benefit mouse is the snipers, boltok an snub

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if you view their profile on xbox you can see the computer symbol if theyre online not sure if it shows if they hide offline

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Im on the gears 5 edition one X, can say it’s more about mouse and keyboard vs controller and also depends on the one behind that tool, lot of variables for unfare games but I found most of the ones that make it all the way here with this pc vs console wars complaint just needs to practice a little bit. I have found I can hold my own against most pc players. Some of the best players I know use a controller on their PC. Because they say using a keyboard is a little tough for them, not all PC players are gods, stop making them feel that way lol

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I look at the killcam of who killed me And from the movements I understand that from PC and then I go to check. there are things not feasible with the pad.

The goal is to learn to out smart them lol, but running into a 1v1 is usually never wise, at least not for my playstyle. I just let @Aloha_its_Kyle down them all and I get free kills all match!

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AR does not lie

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How? Can you prove?

So you are not a PvP player before? Interesting for You can Grind in Master Easily ? I don’t get the Point when you Argue for PC & Console, but the Current Ranking doesn’t mean to Lose Any Points, so what’s the Advantages of PC?

If you’re always in Master, it should be a Piece of Cake to you dealing with PC players.

I pretty ensure the Crossplay will be continued unless you have Statistic Proves & majority of Xbox players are encountered those problems.

If not, Just Quit It, Thanks :smile:. There’s no Gun pointing at you to play the Game if you don’t like.

The advantage is M&KB over controller. The devs have two choices. Input based matchmaking or adding a rotation speed cap to a character. There you go, Problem solved. Until that point im gonna use ReWasd to mod my thumbstick hardware so i can flick with the boys.

@Aloha_its_Kyle ill have to send you the link to the unlimited trial lul

You up (on) tonight?

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