New op same old for me


I think you missed

Still think I missed ??!Av_5CyHV6npukBBU3rrQpOCw_xOn

YES…you missed

First video. Shots are a little all over the place. You got 2 hits on 1 and killed them and the others took 1 shot.

Second video. What was your ping? That has only ever happened if my ping spikes.

My ping is generally 60 or less, I check it a few times during each match as hits not counting happens to me all the time.

I thought I heard the “execution rules sound” in that clip.

Yeah you did miss lol

Your spread was on top of the guy not on on, wouldn’t have made a difference anyway because that game mode has execution rules bruv

You are missing those shots, take a second to aim, and gnasher sounds like execution rules and yoy could have gotten close after the 2nd shot did not finish him off. You were spamming shots like you panicked, then run out of ammo and died.

This new versus with the update is ■■■. Kids are replying with you missed but yet same video from another would be a kill. Gears 4 multiplayer makes sense, this games multiplayer is just broke.

lol, why “kids” tho?

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Look at him spamming shotgun rounds, then notice he can’t aim or does not aim the salvo, he clearly is not hitting the target, and he is not finishing a downed enemy from range with execution rules on.

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I wasn’t spamming shots I was rapid firing out of frustration trying to get the gnasher to aim on target.
It was not an execution rules match.
This clip shows what I mean at the end with the scorcher…!Av_5CyHV6npukBLKrxXZTSwBJUrb

That vid speaks for itself, you did not even touch him with the scorcher, you were not even in range of him as the kill cam even shows.

Isn’t that spamming shots

Again I am talking about the weapon AIMING as the scorcher video shows.
I am simply trying to find out why I cannot get weapons to stay on target in a lot of matches I play ?.
It’s extremely frustrating to spend hours playing a game where it feels like I am fighting the controller to pull a weapon back on target as I watch rounds spray all over the screen.
Put simply what keeps pulling the weapons off target ?.

Maybe try adjusting your dead zones that was a big game changer for my aiming. I have my inner a 1