"New Omen Was Popular In the Community?"

Smart on Gamasutra to diversify itself and try its hands on parody and satire rather than just games.


They were praising them for efforts on accessibility options for more disabled players.

The rest of the article is a mixed bag, but I don’t see the issue here?


They know that deep down we all love smearing ketchup on our screens and attempting to stay alive

Good on TC for making the game more accessible for people, I myself have praised them in the past for doing so here in these forums, but putting them in the top 10 devs of the year? Nope.

there’s no issue … its just that the game its souless that’s all man, shouldn’t be in any magazine .

Personally, I think putting TC on anything other than a “Top 1 Devs of the Year” list is doing them a disservice.

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