"New Omen Was Popular In the Community?"

The title says it all. This is the kind of thing that TC continues to do that irritates the hell out of me. They receive criticism and rather than just admitting the fault and fixing the issue they’ll continue to say how the minority is complaining. Now I understand that it is a known fact that negative reviews or comments are much more common that positive ones due more or less to human nature. This is not one of those times.

TC has made several “artistic choices” with Gears 5. That said, some of them the community is more split on… such as emotes or alternate executions. Hell, even microtransactions is more split than this particular issue. I get it, there are some players that feel indifferent or actually even like these things. Whatever.

I don’t know that I’ve seen any comments in the forums, Facebook, or even TC’s most precious platform Twitter that reverberates their sentiment that the community actually favors the new omen. Silence is not approval. So for once in the game’s ever-shortening lifespan would you please just take your criticism and understand that in this particular instance you f***ed up. Even if reverting back to the old omen in Gears 5 is impossible, don’t spew utter nonsense like this:

As many faults as this game has this is the crap that really grinds my Gears. Unfortunately, you could show me countless positive reviews of the omen at this point and I still wouldn’t believe you… I mean, we see how far you went with the Windows Store Reviews. :wink:


Yeah but not as popular as delivery driver mac tho!


It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. People are not going to stick around if they don’t like something as important as damage indication in a game. I’m sure it is generally popular with the community at this point.

Anything with a Price is more popular to TC :sweat_smile:


…and to you as well lol


Touché :grimacing:


This statement is probably just a spin on the fact that only a small percentage of gamers actually comment at all.

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So true. Their thinking is probably along the lines of “Welp, 99.9% of the people who’ve played the game hasn’t complained about the new omen, so they most surely love it!”

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Yeah, their PR is awful. I would definitely have more faith in them if they would just say “Sorry. We fracked up. We’re trying.”

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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Players never had a problem with the Omen in any other Gears Of War games. TC changes things just because and then acts like it’s popular and a minority of the player base does not like it. Same way TC acted when the players did not like the new Hero system in Horde. The way they react to things pisses me off. Just admit to your mistakes and you will get more respect. TC wants to make Gears of War their own so bad that they are willing to risk what made it great in the first place.


They already did it… and risked it all. however now they are very proud of their ■■■■■■■■ monstruosity that they are very convinced the game plays great .

shameful morons .

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It was really popular when ryan first showed it on twitter.
Its because almost everyone has a problem with the version we have right now.

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that would be a good way to start… saying " Im sorry my vision of Gears didn’t work… Ill try to fix it to make it better".

I’ve never heard any apology to us… . they are not making me any favor by releasing Gears 5 as a souless game as it is man .

I would be wise for them to send an apology letter… I would understand since they are morons and doesnt have it big enough to make a proper gears game.


It’s these kind of tone deaf and baseless statements that make me really not like tc.

They ask us to be constructive with feedback but immediately get on the defensive when addressing anything. They also seem to specialise in making sweeping statements and never backing it with any stats.


It’s the ultimate proof we live in a multiverse.

Today I read some website named TC among the 10 best developers in the world of 2019. ‘What universe?’ you might ask - I don’t know.

Ah well, as long as Rod can make his kids proud at the dinner table. There will be a time they are old enough and start asking questions though.

‘But dad, why tf did you ruin Gears of War??’

Maybe in time for Gears of War 6? Who knows…

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The new omen sucks so bad cant even see the screen the tc must be delusional airheads

He drove right into our hearts and never looked back!


I actually don’t mind the new omen, that being said they should have never changed it and I will be switching to the simple omen and any other versions they make that make it closer to other Gears games

The Coalition

The Coalition’s Gears 5 is an incredibly beautiful game by any standard but what’s especially eye catching about the most recent entry in the Gears of War series is the wide breadth of accessibility options that The Coalition built directly into the game itself. While more and more video games are starting to include robust accessibility options, The Coalition (with the help of parent company Microsoft’s Gaming for Everyone division) went above and beyond even those rising standards.

The studio held an inclusive design sprint in 2017 to learn from players with disabilities and accessibility experts about their experiences and where video games could stand to improve subtitle, camera, audio, and control options to meet the needs of more players. In Gears 5 , those attentive conversations manifest as customizable subtitles that detail musical cues from the soundtrack alongside other sound effects and dialogue landing the game a perfect deaf accessibility score from Can I Play That?, a fully remappable controller scheme (including trigger remapping) that opens the game up to single-handed play as well as full use of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and options for players sensitive to gore or excessive screen shake to customize their experience and remove barriers that might have otherwise made Gears 5 unplayable for them.

The Coalition made it a point to focus on accessibility early on, think of those options as more than just a niche set of settings, and commit to conversations with its community to learn what changes can best serve players’ individual needs, setting an example for the rest of the industry in the process.

  • Alissa McAloon
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I wonder how much The Coalition paid those guys for such a review…

the only thing I like in your post @Mark36111 its Jack… he looks friendly there.