New omen vs colour blindness

Hey gearheads,

I know, I know we’ve been over and over how bad the new omen is. But I think it’s worth trying to bring attention to how bad this is specifically for red/green (Deuteranopia) suffering colour defective players and as far as I know could be as bad or worse for other types of colour deficiency.

The colourblind mode Deuteranopia does literally nothing to reduce the amount of reds in the game and as the description of the impairment implys, REDS are major source of the impairment issues. I find that this defeats the point of the using the mode in the 1st place.

Using myself as an example (even though I am only a bit colour defective), even with the correct mode switched on the omen is basically invisable for minor to mid damage, and during heavy damage makes nearly the entire screen an unreadable mess.
What I see is some sort of effect on the edge of the screen, but as its some semi-transparent red over filter, unless its on a higly contrasting back ground I can’t really tell it’s there.
The thin omen showing damage direction is invisible for the same reasons. How can I be expected to use a damage indciator if I can’t even see it?
At the other end of the spectrum when heavily damaged I cannot make out ANYTHING under the red filter now filling the screen. I can’t make out any shapes properly, I can’t clearly see what my character is doing, Imagine a fuzzy vision filter over everything covered by the red and thats basically what I can see when hurt badly.
It feels like literally every interaction with it that is virtually worthless and at times borderline unplayable.

TC, I get that you are reluctant to change the omen or might not even be able to, but it at least needs adjusting so that the colourblind modes are worth using for the effected players.
The stim omen is fairly visible to me anytime I’ve seen it, ditto for the ice omen. Just not this red obscure everything’ filter that we currently have.

Several games I have played in the last year have had to make a few passes at the colourblind modes before hitting on something that worked. I’d really recommend looking at the colour palettes that apex has used (as their 2nd try), as the mode works extremtly well.
TBH If you can look at changing crosshairs and other aiming stuff from red as well that would also help , but the omen is the real elephant on the screen here.

Any other colour defective players out there suffering as I do, or any of you guys have the other types of deficiancy and are having a worse/better time?
Remember guys if we don’t keep whinging about the omen TC will think it doesn’t need fixing,
and thanks for reading my incoherent ramble.

TL:DR - Fix colourblind modes, everything on red/green mode is still bloomin’ red! The omen being the most visible (or invisible really) issue.