New old maps going forward

So im pretty sure everybody is aware how long and why it takes TC to make maps, so there’s a good chance there will be some older maps getting dropped it the gm at some point.

To freshing these maps up a bit why dont they change the weapon spawns, pretty sure if there was no longshot (swap for dropshot) on gridlock it would change how many ppl would play this map, i would defo be less campy

Is this something u could do @TC_Octus

I wouldn’t even wanna play that map without my fav weapon you just suggested to remove lol

But I’ll indulge you for a moment, if you did that, you’d have to change the boom too… there’s a reason you never see both those guns at the same time lol


Its just an idea to give these old, old maps a small bit of life.
U could swap longshot for frags, shocks for longshots, put drop shot at frags and a salvo at boom, lol

Like i said old maps need freshened up a bit as they have been played to the death, i doubt ill get a reply from any1 at TC tho

I hear ya. Just wanna say not all of us Longshot users camp with it tho, just ask Landan2006 lol I don’t either.

But I get what you’re trying to do and still agree with the idea of changing things up like that.


It will be old maps from gears 4 only.
It wont be any older maps tht we havnt seen before.
But atleast there are quite a few tht i wouldn’t mind , especially after the last 7 plus months of playing the same beyond played out maps. Soooo fracking sick of RECLAIMED.
Here are the maps i want them to actually remake but highly doubt.


  • COVE. (MIGHT ACTUALLY SEE THIS ONE, SINCE Its been remastered gears ue)
  • THE SLAB (we should see this one

Now here are the maps tht we will and hopefully see

  • DAWN. ( It better come back. Favorite maps from gears 4)
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I could be mistaken but im pretty sure cove is not in gears ue, its a gears 3 map with ink, digger and boomshield which are not weapons from gears 1.

Infact im 100% sure its not in gears ue.

I wonder how blood drive from judgement would play

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I really hope not man… its like watching the movie " BACKDRAFT" 20 TIMES without stop, at the end you would feel sick…

we need FRESH AND NEW maps… and if they want to sell them fine by me , as long as they are good maps and can be used on horde…

Just my grain of salt.


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Ernie… U mean my pic?? Thats not ernie from sstreet… Lol

Its Zippy from rainbow.:+1:

im sorry man i got confused It looked like ernie hahahahah

sorry man :slight_smile:

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Well given that development time and cost is a lot for brand new maps, I don’t think it’s bad to bring in older maps that have never been remade to experience them with Gears 5.

I know people have been calling for RIver and jacinto but there are other maps from gears 2 and 3 that have never been remade. Would be fun to play on highway again or that one map with the road that goes all the way up with the mortar on top? I forgot what it was called. You get he picture.

What I don’t want is old maps that were made for gears 4 made again for gears 5. For example I don’t want rustlung, slab, raven down, or checkout cuz we already got them for 4.


No need to apologise :+1:

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I think that would work… I wouldn’t mind bringing maps from lets say GOW3 or 2 , I mean if its easier for them to do that instead of giving us new maps that could work…

also giving us new maps may not be the solution since PAHANU as you notice its a horrible map… nobody its using by the way hahahahah :smile:

If only community managers knew how to create maps all by themselves.

Think we would only get gears 3 remakes as gears 2 had walls that u could destroy which would probs take longer to change.

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Pretty sure it is. I remember playing it not too long ago. When i say not too long. I mean the last few yrs. I know I played it since gears 3. I could be wrong though

Not really helpful now is it?

It’s a joke. There’s nothing to help here. These threads appear very often.