New Multiplayer Mode Ideas

Anyone wanna speculate what we might get as far as MP modes for G5? And to Old-School Forum-goers. I’m done trying to push 10v10, don’t worry. Not what this post is about.

Anyways, here’s a few of my ideas:

-Bulletpoint (5v5)
As standard,a 5v5 mode. In spots on the map (Where the rings in KOTH would spawn) is one gun (Tri-Shot, Mulcher, etc. Anything two-handed). The point of the game is like Submission in G2. Grab the gun and bring it back to your spawn Ring.

-2v2 Longshers (2v2)
Self explanatory, but I’d endlessly play a 2v2 Gnasher fest with Longshot and Gnasher pickups.

-Protection (5v5)
Guardian, but replace the leader with a Silverback. Idea stolen from: @ALLGravityTTV.

-Primal Rage (FFA, 5 Players)
Similar to a mode in DOOM (2016). One player becomes a Swarm/Locust boss, and must fight the other 4 players to retain their status. When the player is killed, another takes their place. You earn points 1/per second of being a monster, and 20 for killing it (10 for assist). First to 260 Points wins.

-Engineer War (2v2)
Each team has nothing but shock grenades and Repair Tools. A TDM like mode with 15 Respawns per team. Each team also has 3 Shepherds and 1 DR-1, they can use the Repair Tools to heal their DBs, and use the Repair Tools to hurt the enemies’ DBs.

Versus Maps

-Villa: Set in Halvo Bay, Villa would be four buildings, opposite each other with two on either side. The Northern-most buildings would be two-storied, with a Sniper spawn (G2 River inspired) The Southern buildings would be One-Story, with a very small underground corridor connecting the two. In the center of the four buildings would be a crashed APC, with a powerful Power Weapon to grab.

-Flesh: Inside the remnants of the Rift Worm, concrete debris has been turned into a battleground, with a tall pillar in the middle leading to goods, and two very strong “bunkers” on either side of the map. After a certain amount of time, the worm’s stomach will move, with a ball of debris clearing the map and making it brand new. There’s no way to survive this unless you’re in the “Bunkers”. The event can also be triggered by shooting glowing parts at the top of the Worm’s body. (G3 Thrashball sign like.)

-Ritual: Inside the G2 Hollow, a small Kantus church is built next to the lake where that nasty leviathan lives. The “church” is full of small pillars, and at the back of the map is two staircases, These lead to a second story, where players can fight on small bridges, that freely overlook the main hall below. Because of the tides and rampant leviathan, the water levels can rise for a short time to engulf the lower-story. After a small time, it’ll die back down, revealing the lower area again.

-Char: A section of Griffin’s tower. This map would be the size of Boxes…but would be three stories tall. On the North and South ends are staircases. On the East and West are elevators that go from Floor 1 right to 3. But if the elevator is on Floor 1, and the cable is shot out at Level 3, the elevator will fall. Becoming unavailable, and killing all players inside it. Floor two’s floor is partly open, letting players on floor 1 fire at players on floor 2.

Yes, I’ve reposted the maps. I’m proud of them.
Buster Out!


Good work, definitely could see a few of them working :+1:
I would like Breakthrough to be given another chance.

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they sound good the only problem i can see with them is it will divide the maps like judgement did with overrun

for the longshers if you mean a combination of long shots and gnashers in one game type idk about that but 2v2 gnasher and 2v2 longshots would be cool and you could vote which one you can play would be awesome.

Great work dude! I’m feelin’ it! Black Steel Silverback anyone?