New Multiplayer Mode • 4-Way SQUAD DEATHMATCH with TEAM Perks?

Couldn’t find a topic, so thought I share my thoughts. I’d even mentioned this on their Facebook page.

So… 4 vs. 4 vs. 4 vs. 4 - COG vs. UIR vs. Locust/Swarm vs. Lambent (Blue vs. Green vs. Red vs. Yellow). In a nutshell, a mode I’d enjoyed from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (the best BF game), SQUAD DEATHMATCH.

A little nod to Wingman, which was a great mode from Gears of War 2, but I do wonder if TC should tread a little more to bigger game modes for players to have fun or get more competitive. If TC tried something like this, you think it’d have to be bigger? Should TC go a little bigger with some multiplayer modes, add something new? As much as I love Gears, it is much of the same ol’ same ol’ with just some fun perks.

Perhaps on 4-Way SQUAD DEATHMATCH (think of a better name), there could be particular items to use:

COG: Can get access to a Silverback or you get access to a King Raven that acts like the Kestrel against the opposing teams for 2mins.

UIR: … mhm. Maybe that UIR tank from Gears 5: Act 3 turns up and you mark targets to take out.

LAMBENT: haha! Maybe the Lambent can unleash a Lambent Berserker, or the squad members can become explosive like the Lambent on Horde, which results in killed the opposing player/s (if too close)?

Locust/Swarm: Swarm can unleash a Swarmak or a Carrier?

But how would we do this? Earned through kills, capturing mini-Power Taps, capturing and holding a Ring? How does either team win the match?

Or is something on this scale too much for TC and/or us to play? There’s enough UIR and Lambent skins to go around to create these opposing teams.

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I support Multi Team gamemodes.


TC needs to evolve the game in someway. I know TC tried to do that with Arcade but it didn’t pan out.

A multi team mode could do that for sure. It is just the idea of balancing the perks that I think TC would struggle with. Could have roles in each team so a Rifleman, Assault, Shotgun and explosive role.


That would be kinda epic

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It sounds amazing, but I don’t think we are allowed to discuss anything that involves over 8 player lobbies. According to TC, the community chose balance over fun a while ago and they are not changing their mind :c

Certainly need to do some new stuff and larger fights in the next title.

I’d love a 10v10 guardian, escalation or something.

Big lore filled maps, obviously make them so you can traverse around fairly easily without getting lancered to high heaven, you still want that classic close quarters, hard-hitting gears feel.

Maybe have it where you can spawn on a ring you own (or certain team mates) so you aren’t constantly running into battle from spawn.

I love battlefield and I used to love ground war on call of duty. Big fights are just fantastically chaotic

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I’ve only done this a few times when I had enough people I knew to play customs. But we would all play FFA but split into teams of 3 and just Duke it out. We would play as the same character so we didn’t shoot someone on our team since its obviously not a real gamemode.


New Multiplayer Mode: Wingman TDM*

Fixed the title.

Perks huh… Silver backs and swarmaks? Like a kill streak in COD like calling in a chopper… How about Noooooooo!


multi team/wing man with lives would be awesome. along with ring captures like koth or escalation/domination would be sick , however i do not like those perks you were talking about. classic wingman with lives. thats what we need lol

haha! Don’t worry, I was just throwing some random ideas out there. Although I’d be leaning more to Battlefield-style than COD. You pilot the KR yourself and a squad member on the gun trying to mow down a Swarm player that’s riding a Swarmak. All in good fun.

That said, Swarm/Locust players riding a Swarmak would be ideal for a BIGGER and newer version of Beast Mode.