New modes (my ideas)

Mode 1: Conquest. conquest is a mode where there 2 ringholders, one on cog, and one on swarm. only the ringholders can capture rings, if your ringholder dies, your team loses the round.

Mode 2:Wingman (you know right?)

Mode 3: Horde Deathmatch, its team deathmatch but it’s horde instead, each team (blue and red) must get the most kills to win the wave.

Mode 4: Overrun

Mode 5: Payload, a new escape like mode where you and 4 other players deploy a payload at the entrance of the hive, defend the payload from swarm. once payload is at the heart of the hive, one player must detonate the payload and the team must get out of there before the venom reaches them.

Mode 6: Thrashball

Mode 7: Beast

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I don’t play versus… so for me would be the same.


Great feedback!
that will teach him not to try and start a conversation here.


thanks man most kind :slight_smile: @yeatersm

It wasn’t my intention its just that I didn’t agree with his ideas. hahahaha :smile:

Lol the "boring " was just a little harsh and doesn’t stir up any conversation, this is a forum after all, a lot of people are just trying to pass the time with the quarantine and all.

I will say that I think there would be a lot of kill stealing in the hord death match.

The payload could be a good idea. Rather than scraping the barrel to escape the hive you can fight your way in armed to the teeth with a venom jack bot. Multiple routes in and out where you couldn’t leave the same way you came in, with random enemy spawns to keep you on your feet it could be quite interesting…

yeah your right about that. i’ll have to think about it more.

so basically it’s capture the leader but the person can only capture rings… boring indeed.
Horde with 10 people… they’d need to seriously Amp up the difficulty levels to make it even close to viable.