New maps? 😠 Thanks for repeating

I guess I didn’t play long enough the maps in gears of war 4, so here they are again in gears 5 :angry:


Port GoW4 maps, force ppl to play old maps
Break new game, force ppl to play old game thus old maps

TC are genius!


The lack of maps on the playlist quickly became stale to the point that (old) “new” maps being introduce into the playlist felt refreshing. Well, for all of 2 plays before it felt like i was playing a poorer version of GOW4.

TC: New maps please. Emphasis on NEW. Not re-textured maps.


It’s funny to be honest. They have been working on gears 5 for probably a good 3+ years and somewhere in that time they figured, Hey, let’s just put a few maps in the game. People will love them. I really do not know how they thought of only putting in a few maps at launch. I can see them giving up the rights to Gears and have another company do it.


I like how everyone wanted these maps back but when they come back they become upset again?
Personally idc really but still eh ._.

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It seems to me that once again they were/are just being bloody minded for the sake of it. They got a lot of stick on 4 with all the repeats and the cocck-up over being to ambitious with their promises,
So this time they showed us! but given us nothing from previous entries.

In total fairness to them they have delivered on giving brand new maps upon release (only private play can you play legacy and I use Legacy very loosely) but they have missed the point yet again.

We are all (I think I speak for 90% of us) total Gear nuts and love our history. We have also all been banging on for years about certain maps we could not wait to revisit from the legacy games. Surely it would have behooved them to give us a few maps from older games ?

I do not feel 7 at launch was enough. I think Gears 5 was in development for 3+ years. I can only hope they have 15+ additional maps to give us…and not at 2 every 3 months, please no.

As they have started to import the Gears 4 maps, import all of them and why not the UE ones. Surely it would not take a great deal of work ? (maybe I’m wide off the mark with that statement?) while they are at it, bring over the Locusts! They all still look amazing.

Honestly if the only originals we got during Gears 5 life are the launch ones I could live with that as long as we get favourites back, that have been used only once (maybe twice at most) before, including some J maps that hardly anyone has played on :wink:

…it had some great maps, honestly!!!

I’m going to start it here:
Please make GEARS 6 the game we all so desperately want!

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I expected at least 10-12 new maps for versus at launch for Gears 5. Seeing as that’s what I expected I would have always sided against older maps being added. However, the map selection is terrible and It only ever seems like I get three while matchmaking. I can’t remember the last time Bunker was picked for example. I don’t know why they’ve stopped at three. Might as well give us all the gears 4 maps that launched with 5. Harbour was always a personal favourite.

At the end of the day TC really dropped the ball on maps and it sucks that we’re only getting three new maps in operation 2. Are they even guaranteed to release at the launch of it any way? 3 maps every 3 maps is poor and there’s no knowing if they’ll be any good after all that wait.

To be fair, I really like reclaimed snd I love Dam, so I am really looking firward to seeing Harbor and Forge return.

You people keep complaining about old maps from 4, just to give them, a second later, a list of oldER maps you would like to see. …

Personally I like Dam more than any of the new G5 maps. You are upset not about old maps but about the WRONG old maps. …

I would rather see Raven Down than another Icebound with stupid , pointless environmental effects and countless elevated positions with little cover to hide behind.

Each to their own. I welcome these maps and look forward to others.

It’s kind of wild how people got so hyped up for old game maps to come back in the next game but now on these forums it’s a bunch of bitter people.

I haven’t reaches that point yet. I am still enjoying the maps although I am limited to horde. Not good at PvP.

Didnt this game have a smaller dev cycle than Gears 4?

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I keep seeing the same posts so I’ll keep posting the answer

  • the five Gears 4 maps are in the game now, playable
  • brand new maps take around 5-6 months to create and properly test
  • Foundation was a 1:1 port to make the process faster
  • “changing colors”/assets would have added time to the porting process and taken away from the creation of new maps
  • video game development isn’t COPY/PASTE, ■■■■ takes time even when you have a template

Again, while true, the process of adding only 7 maps was deliberate and discussed beforehand. TC didn’t just settle on that number by mistake.

They know how long the process is, how fast they can work on and test the maps and ultimately came to the number long before the process became finalized.

TC at the very least knew they’d eventually have to rely on the ports and that’s where the problem lies. They too knew the game didn’t have enough launch maps.

Yeah I’m not too fond of the idea of Gears 4 maps too much, I don’t mind them here and there but I really like most of the new maps, we just need more of them. The new ones should be of the same quality though…for me I really like Icebound and Asylum.

They need a new company, TC is just not doing a good job. The game is just not fun anymore

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