New maps for future operations!

Ok so i no we all want BRAND NEW maps for gears 5 but honestly guys what classics do we really want back!!? Its time the coalition revived so golden oldies!

In op 5 im hoping we get 3 new maps an 3 classics back!
Heres my top 10 id love to see back!!
1 mausilium = gears 1
2 mansion = gears 1
3 river =gears 2
4 hail = gears 2
5 tyro station = gears 1
6 streets =gears judgement
7 day one = gears 2
8 sandbar = gears 3
9 trenches = gears 3
10 subway = gears 1

I think releasing 1 or 2 of these every operation alongside a few new ones over the next 2 years will keep gears 5’s life cycle pretty fresh an enaging for us!!

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Great maps,

Operation 5 please put in Mansion everyone loves that map,
And my personal favourite is Process.
They should bring back Tyro station aswel

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Mansion, river, tyro station, and day one all got my vote :grin:


That’s got my vote, perfect maps


Mansion was only remade once in Gears 2, shocked it hasn’t been remade since. Just a really iconic map, I remember it fondly even now. Everybody knows they’re gonna remake River though, TC likes campy maps.


Yeah Mansion is defiantly in the top 3 maps of all time they need to bring it back, I don’t get why they don’t remaster all the maps they copy and paste from gears 4? There so lazy, even blood drive and check out is the same from gears 3… 10 years ago it baffles me


I would like new maps. But I’ll still take anyg2 map we haven’t seen since then.

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I’m of the belief that they (TC) would be fine if they did nothing but remake maps… There are tons of great maps from GOW1-3 that haven’t been remade yet lol, but this is a really shallow idea when you think about it. If you are a map designer, and you are trying to “sell” yourself to a new employer, which one would look better on a Resume/Portfolio? a map that you built from the ground up, or a map that was made by someone else? Map designers have much more incentive (long term) for them to make new stuff, this is why TC would much rather give us Harbor than Cove, Vasgar instead of Trenches, you get the drill.

Porting maps from Gears 4 isn’t as simple of a task of copy and pasting them sadly, at least not from what was said a week or two ago in a dev stream, considering its the same engine (unreal engine 4) and the game’s aren’t drastically different (no new mechanics or anything that would mess with map design) I think that a port probably takes around 2-3 months to complete. I also don’t think that all of the Gears 4 maps are really desired in Gears 5, there are a few that I want to see make a return (Diner, Relic, Dawn) but I don’t care too much for the rest.

A remake wouldn’t be a remake if it were drastically altered, that would kind of defeat the purpose. Imagine if they just decided Gridlock shouldn’t have a sniper tower, or BloodDrive shouldn’t be a campfest…
They like to bring maps back just as good (or bad) as people remember them :slight_smile:

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Yeah I agree all the maps are already there in the trilogy they just to re add them, even new fans would love them and I think it was gears 2 gridlock I could be mistaken but it was the same map but under ice and still had a sniper tower, remaster basically means just change the theme we don’t want the legendary lay out changed, if they brought them back gears would be saved, imagine every single gears map in one game that would be perfect

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Also it is copy and paste man they are exactly the same maps from gears 4 same theme and evetything and there new map designer is awful I can’t even remember what the map is called but the new one in op 4 what is that map :joy: just stick to the original maps

The new map is reactor an tbh that is a good map!! Its a lot better than most the gears 4 maps!!


Totally agre. Tc can make solid maps.

It’s awful compared to the old maps, there’s no middle it’s all on the edge of the map, when fighting its too narrow

“too narrow”? I like the map exclusively for how CQC heavy it is, more like not narrow enough lol. The map is a joy to play both MP and Horde on (though its a hard Horde map imo.

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It’s no gridlock or mansion tho is it

Those maps play and feel drastically different, Reactor isn’t close to either of them in terms of design. I suspect Reactor will become a cult classic, sort of like how Bullet Marsh or Hail or some of the other older maps were, but it’ll never be a top voted for map simply because of how weird it looks and feels.

Mansion/Gridlock are simple, people like simple.

Edit: its why Reclaimed is so popular… Even though its arguably trash tier map.

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I need to play it more and see if I like it, at the moment I feel like it’s nothing special and bullet Marsh now that is a sick map