New maps, environment maps, more swarmed maps, escape tiles

Hi there, enjoying the gameplay for gears, but you can only do so much of the same on the same maps therefore I’d wanna see some more swarm infested maps and maybe some new swarm infested tiles for escape, feel like swarm presence isn’t being taken into consideration with these maps, most of them are v empty, personally wouldn’t mind more windflare maps or maps that have a deadly environments in general, notebly ‘flood’ from gears 2 where the map would get smaller due to fact that imulsion would be rising on this island forcing players to center, but instead of imulsion could be an escape style map but with venom instead, in horde I guess pockets of the venom could sit in certain places or say the venom bombs never go off and you have a whole different map from horde to versus, that’s what I loved about these environment maps they offer completely different gameplay depending on what map you play on and depending on how deadly the environment is would factor how much it would affect players in certain gamemodes, a great example would be reclaimed windflare from gears 4 where the windflare still indiscriminately tore up BOTH swarm and cog on BOTH horde and versus, where as a map like flood the environment would have to be toned down due to the gameplay involved in horde, but when playing in versus the environment has the power to center players and force them to fight, feel like we need some beautifullly designed maps like that, some honorable mentions from others games, razorhail? (gears2, I think thats the name)) avalanche which returned to gears 4.

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