New maps and variants,

Okay, so i have a few map ideas for Gears 5.


1/6: Azura, this map is the Gears 5 version of it and not Gears 3. This map has 2 sniping points in the top and bottom parts of it and a gnasher point in the middle. 2 lancer points at the left and right sides of the map, (Note that every map is like this.)

2/6 : Nedroma: this map brings back the dark and gritty gears that we all know and love

3/6 Launch: this map takes place in Vasgar around the Hammer of Dawn satellite launch area. Occasional sandglass will form.

4/6: Storm: this map takes place in Northern Tyrus and battles occur while an incoming windflare hits every 4 minutes.

5/6: Garden. this lovely garden turned into a battlefield,

6/6: Facility: this old cog facility was once used for research, now abandoned. this map is inside not outside.

Every map will have a random day/night variant each time you play.

Facility reminds me of the GoldenEye map. :grin:

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Instantly started hearing the music soon as I read that :joy:


With this quality of ping based matchmaking what the coalition needs to do with players from both sides of Atlantic on one map?

So many countless hours spent on that game


That’s it. I’m setting up my N64 today.


Good luck.
I often mention this here, but gamers have rose tinted glasses when thinking back to their favorite games. After playing games with dual thumbsticks for nearly 20 years, it’s really difficult to go back and play games like Perfect Dark and Golden Eye.

Despite the hundreds of hours I played those games with friends, when I tried playing them a few years back I just couldn’t get over how hard it was to differentiate enemies from environment, and simply control my character with any level of freedom.

This is not me. I actually have several vintage consoles and over 2000 games going back to the 80’s. And I actually still use them.
Also, Perfect Dark holds up.

Same with goldeneye. I want nowhere to come back the most. Great ■■■■■■ map.

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Complex would be great for Gears.

I bossed on that game and agree that it’s near impossible to go back to. That controller just makes no sense anymore. Such a bad design that we all loved.

This is the issue with old games. You loose muscle memory. Perfect Dark does have a two thumb control scheme. The remaster actually uses modern controls.

I’mA check that out.

It’s on Game Pass in the Rare Replay collection.

Got game pass for gears 5, now I get perfect dark dope. Thanks bro

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