New Map Idea for Gears 5

The theme of the map is outside New Ephyra, like the end of the game! The map should be as square as possible without looking dumb! The four corners of the map should be like towers with stairs leading up on two sides! ( almost like the hammerburst towers in Gridlock ) The middle and sides should be lower except on one of the sides! One of the sides should connect the two team’s towers like in the opening gameplay of Gears 4 during the Anvil Gate scene! On the lower part of the map should be debris for cover! Enough so you don’t get totally destroyed by the corners, but still so you could get some damage done from the towers! Power weapons should be longshots on the towers that don’t connect, explosive weapons on the bridge between the connecting towers and something like frags in the middle!

Tell me what you think of the idea!
Be honest!!
What should it be called? Towers maybe?
Picture I drew of how the map would be laid out!

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Honestly looks like a variant of all fathers garden with no space in front of the spawns for the most part.

Here’s my contribution.

And to your idea, it seems very symmetrical and bland. Just a castle with towers and a blown up middle. I’d play it, but it doesn’t sound too exciting.

I’d like to see something in a city. Maybe 2 levels… kinda like raven down but bigger.