New Main thread for Input or Crossplay discussion

Input based matchmaking is the way to go

I don’t mind pc but I do mind mnk

Only 5 hours of installation remaining.


That’s a slow internet there

It took me 3 hours to download the 41 gb first install, and now I’m installing multiplayer and its just stuck at 25% on each lmao.

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Open up “microsoft store” and see if it has an error installing.

The game wont tell you but that application will (happened to me a couple of times)


Copy and pasted from an older topic.

The tl;dr is that console peeps don’t fully realize that the issue they have is with input, not platform. Mouse definitely changes the way the game is played, and in many (but not all) situations, it confers advantages.

PC as a platform has advantages against Xbox One consoles, but the Series X closes the gap tremendously with high end PCs. It has less latency than the typical low-mid range gaming PC, and low-mid range hardware is what the vast majority of PC players are using.

A substantial percentage of the PC playerbase also happens to be on controller. It’s not as high as console, obviously, but both platforms can use both control schemes. Advocating against platform crossplay is a fruitless endeavor. What people should be asking for is input-based matchmaking.

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Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no shot — nahhhhhhhhhhhh I refuse to believe whats on my screen. This literally feels like host — I have telekinetic powers I think about shooting the shots already left my gun no shot.

Edit: I’m also getting like 300-350 fps in game lmao.


Still probably higher quality than my work connection.

My connection isn’t even that bad it’s just slow. I get like 30 ping on my best server, way ahead of what I used to get on 4g hotspot.


Somebody nerf Snubbbs plz

Series X is like playing on a console that works, PC is like you walked to the crossroads at 3:33 AM and made a deal with the devil.


Imagine if you got a gaming mouse (wink wink nudge nudge)

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Yeah let me start really clicking — tbh if you’re on PC you don’t even need a MNK.


Razor Snubbs

^new gt


So sir now you have felt some of the advantages of PC, tell TC we at least need input based mm,

I’ve been waiting for some actual honesty instead of pc players just telling us the advantage doesn’t exist or is minimal. Finally someone saying what I knew to be true. Thank you snubbs.

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Already posted, got taken down by mods because it was a repost.

Snubbs is going to do anything he can to make it sound like i was lying because he is infatuated with himself and has an admitted hatred for pc players. He cannot accept the fact that he is wrong, it is that a fact that pc because of the servers and many other things has no advantage over a series x.

Literally anyone on console who got schooled in any other thread will bring up the same logical fallacies they did before as its all anecdotal.

This entire thread is pointless, im tired of telling these people they are wrong. They think because pc is expensive that its better, they are correct when it comes to many games and many things. The hardware you play on has nothing to do with it, your input device is what matters. They are incorrect when it comes to gears 5 cross platform, thats it. Thats the thread.

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Who hurt you? :pleading_face:

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