New Main thread for Input or Crossplay discussion

As per a very reasonable request I am making a main thread for this.

All future discussion on these topics should be done here :slight_smile:

Let’s forget about Console vs PC. We are at a point that both options are viable assuming you are able to work at McDonald’s for 4 weeks to buy either.

However, I’ll give my opinion on why I think Mouse & Keyboard is superior (but not too much) than controller.

1- Aim - I believe the mouse is superior than controller only in one aspect, which makes it in my opinion, about 30% more effective than controller.

a) The mouse has no speed cap. Controller does.
Being able to move your camera at any speed you’d like makes a real difference compared to a controller. You are able to react faster than a controller, move your camera whenever you need it at the moment you need it. This is the only reason I believe it makes it 30% more effective than a controller.

b) Mouse has an easier learning curve compared to controller.
Learning to aim with a mouse is not easy. It took me about 3 months on Aimbooster to develop the aim I have (which I’d say is average overall) but it is still better than most controller players. Being accurate with the right stick is much harder to learn than the mouse. However, I’d say that if a person dedicates the time, they would be able to aim as good as a mouse player (mouse still being superior since there is no speed cap on your camera)

2- Movement. I believe that both options are equal when they are mastered. However, M&K does have one advantage:

a) Being able to bind your slide and unbind roll can make it easier to learn to move.
On M&K you can potentially bind your slide button to the mouse wheel, which is literally a cheat code that makes you think you can bounce. HOWEVER, it is unreliable and it takes time to get used to and you will suck against good players. But it is still better than being a botwalker.

Binding roll to another key, however, allows you to experiment a lot with the movement without much punishment, which allows for an easier learning curve.

Overall, objectively M&K it’s more effective than a controller thanks to the ability to move the mouse however you want to, with no caps.

Subjectively people believe it’s much better than controller because of the easier learning curve. The reality is that both can be very good, but learning controller takes much more time and more effort (way much more).

Feel free to share your thoughts.

Disclaimer: I’ve never played on controller, I only use M&K.


Well you didn’t mention the one thing that allows controllers to compete just fine- aim assist.

Controller gets it while m&k doesn’t.

As for the scroll speed, yea I agree with you. However there is an argument to be made for the controller having a consistent and smooth scroll speed, that improves accuracy. You can adjust the sensitivity to where you like it too.

I was going to mention this, but I got bored at the end and skipped it lol.

I agree with you there. Having a consistent and smooth scroll helps a lot with the movement and shots like wraparound. But a M&k player and a controller player that dominate the game wouldn’t have problem with this. If anything, it helps with the learning curve for controllers.

I’m not amazing with movement so I’m not the one to say whether M&K is easier to learn. Altho I did mention that M&K has an advantage but at this point I may be very wrong.

There’s no way of balancing it without ruining the game for controller v controller gameplay.


God these pc vs controller posts are so annoying. If you are a good console player then you will most likely dominate a pc player… Mainly because controller players that have played gears for a long time now that you are able to reaction shot, switch to weapons easier, and just have more control over your shotty, aiming, and just switching to the necessary weapon for the circumstance. Pc when it comes to gears, you need to set a ton of bindings which makes it hard to do stuff that you could easily do on controller. I can bounce better on pc, hit flick shots pretty damn well, and mainly just dominate with my shotty in general. thats only because i know gears and have played controller on gears since gow 4. Since i know the mechanics, it makes playing on pc a lot easier. Regardless, it’s still difficult to hit reaction shots, switch weapons to the exact weapon i want easily, and still having a hard time with key bindings on this game in general. Btw using a mouse isn’t a instant upgrade. It’s not easy to just point and click as much as console players like the believe that. You still miss shots all the damn time and it’s not really much easier hitting shots on mouse. Yeah you can move quick but if you can’t hit shots its meaningless. Not all PC players are shroud, we miss shots like every one else. An the only people that think pc is easier are the kids that suck on controller so the find something to complain about.

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Good job reading the thread.

This is about controller versus m&k. Calm down!


a couple days ago i used a controller after a few months of using mkb, and i noticed you dont have to be anywhere near as accurate as you do with the mouse (at least with the gnasher). the aim assist is heavy.

if you are good with controller you will have no problem competing against an average mkb player.

however i believe the controller needs more options for using cover, lets say a button for cover only and a button for cover, roadie run and roll together so you can alternate between the 2. like a modified version of default and alt.


That’s something that should be considered by TC. But we can only dream.

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Oh jeez, here we go again.

I get wrecked by kids all the time who use controller. Guess what, if you have good movement I still have trouble hitting you. Controller players have generous aim assist that give them hits for free, whereas if I did that same shot I would’ve missed - it’s almost like controller players are the ones who are cheating!

What should be a topic at hand: using Controller & Mouse. If you can use a mouse but trick the game into thinking you’re on controller, you get the aim assist as well as a more precise aim. I’ve seen people who do this and they have insane accuracy, getting much more hits than they should.

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Just to let you know, I play on M&K. Just wanted to see people’s thoughts on M&K vs Controller since every thread focuses on PC & Console which I don’t believe is the problem.

yeah you could probably map the fire button on the mouse to a controller trigger button so when you fire it thinks its a controller lmao. personally i wouldn’t do it but i am curious if people actually do that.

Strafing and in particular angle bouncing without camera movement are objectively better on an analog stick than WASD.

I do agree that overall mouse is an advantage, but keyboard definitely is not.

Keyboard is virtually never an advantage except in cases where games have an incredibly high amount of bindings. The main thing keyboard has going for it is sheer number of keys. The keys themselves are inefficient for gaming. Using 3 fingers for 8 directional digital movement is hilariously less efficient than using a thumb for 32 directional analog movement plus an action in the form of L3 click.

If we really want to dig into the nitty gritty details, games that allow for simultaneous left and right directional inputs (usually a bug) benefit from having separate digital buttons for movement. This is uncommon to say the least. Games that confer an advantage for performing perfect 45 degree angle movement benefit for the same reason, although at least this isn’t impossible on a stick like the former.

Full action remapping on controller is desperately needed. It has effectively been available on M/KB since launch.

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exactly however you can alternate left and right (while holding forward ) faster than you can with an analog stick, thats the only benefit of movement with keyboard.

some people use controller in the left hand and mouse in the right, however on the gears discord there was a person who did the opposite, keyboard on the left and controller on the right :sweat_smile:

Lol you plebs arguing about controller vs m&k and I’m over here using both simultaneously


they know what they say, if you cant beat em, join em.

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Absolute legend

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Tbh the console players need to stop complaining. 100% there is an advantage with a mouse and 100% every platform can use it

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Thank god , now i can put this on mute and never see this discussion again.