New locust/Lambent enemies in horde/Escape

Will TC ever add locust and lambent enemies into horde and Escape?.

In my dreams, they would. But seriously, it’s possible. It could happen in future Operations, I think they was hint to it, in one of the streams. But take it with a grain of salt.

I really hope so, it’s very much needed. Though they didn’t add anything new to Gears 4 horde, which was a big let down.

New enemies, new base defenses, new weapons, new bosses for horde is a must.

I’m playing Horde but i am not earning Coins “just by playing” , what a joke.

In Gears 4 we had crazy good earn rates on Coins + we could scrap duplicates + we earned Skill Cards every 5/10 waves + we had Horde packs that were dirt cheap & not to mention Coin Bounties on top of all that!

Gears 5 Horde seems like an absolute grindfest. Legendary cards costing 8,000 Coin per card?

How many cards do you earn on the higher Horde difficulties per every set of 10 waves on average?

On topic , yeah i asked Roddy Ferg’ in a G4 stream in 2017 about adding Locust to Horde since they had almost the entire roster of Locust characters for Versus. Nope!

Locust may be a possibility in a future operation , perhaps 9 or 10 lol …Even then it’d just be standard Drones, Elites, Therons & perhaps a Kantus if we’re lucky. Next to no chance on Wretches,Tickers,Shriekers & Serapides which would dramatically change up gameplay (making the addition of just humanoid Locust no more than a little ‘eye candy’) .

Absolutely no chance for any type of glowies whatsoever , perhaps in Gears 8 Horde!

p.s i miss Drudges , i used to call them “Pensioners” :smiley:

Those crazy lost heroin addicts were funny too :stuck_out_tongue: Honorable mention Polyps!