New Locust in packs

Here are the locust i think should be added into packs: The Miner, Cyclops, Spotter, Hunter

(And The Golden Miner And Golden Hunter for event purposes)

Let me know your thoughts down below

My thoughts?
Requested so many times…

yup look at how Onyx guard turned out hardly hear about him anymore

Marauder, Hunter elite, Savage Hunter, Maybe a helmetless theron guard, Savage Theron Guard, General KARN. (and the reaper from GOWJ for event purposes only?)


I would love to have Karn in MP.


Honestly I’d love to see all these added to gears 4 since I’m a huge locust fan, but one thing I really want to get out to the coalition is a Boomer pack that would contain boomer, savage Boomer and grinder! I think it would be awesome to play as one of them since we’ve gotten the scions in gow 4 as their doppelgängers !

How about this?

From the Locust side:
Theron Guard Alternate, Theron Guard Helmetless and Theron Savage.

From the COG side:
Classic Tai (from GOW2), Jungle Tai and Zombi Tai.

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The Boomer character model is already in the game right? Boomers appear in the campaign prologue. I wonder how feasible it is to downscale then to the normal MP character size? The animations will obviously differ greatly.

It’s nearly impossible while keeping them the same. This has been discussed before. The Boomer is just too fat.

Look at all the downscaled characters we DO have.

-Raam (A big Theron Guard)
-Skorge (Same as Kantus)
-Kantus (Slim design)
-Scions (Slim design)
-Uzil (A Bigger Theron Guard with armadillo armor)

Boomers are just too fat for MP. That’s why Epic never made them either.

Look at Oscar though, he’s hella chunky lol