New Locust ideas

So I had some ideas on extra Locust castes due to watching some Youtube and doodling.
You know how there’s a savage grenadier and grenadier elite, right? What about a savage flame grenadier. I had a cool idea of it maybe looking like the Gren elite but with minor changes. Perhaps a gas mask with teeth for the whole Mad Max kinda thing, and probably some hot rod style exhaust pipes on the armor. Perhaps the voice could be a mixture of the regular savage locust but with heavy growling coughs and wheezes. Like he’s inhaling the smoke and fumes from the imulsion tank on his back.

Idk. Just came to me.


This sounds really dope bro, I felt like maybe we could se savage swarm characters too! Who knows, or maybe the locusts that were already savage, but became crystalized.

Well all of the Drones became Scions.

Although I’m glad you agree! Introducing new Locust variants just for multiplayer is a good idea, Gears 3 did it.

Yea man, definitely if you could have like concept art man that’d be sick. I’m not great at art or anything like that otherwise I’d be making mad concept art. haha

As a huge fan of the Flame Grenadier, I wouldn’t mind seeing an interesting tweak or Savage version of him. That said, OG Flame Grenadier is still my overall favorite from the Locusts. That helmet though…

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