New lambent characters?

Would there be new lambent characters like a lambent cog soldier or like a lambent civlian male and female? That would be be nice for multiplayer characters if you think about it. Like for the lambent cog soldier one half of the helmet would still be there and then the other half is a human lambent face and for the body the chest would have the regular look just that it has some imusion on it.

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The lambent COG sounds cool, but I fear it would create much confusion like the Syndrome/Midnight Omen debacle.


To be fair, that debacle with the Syndrome and Midnight Omen skins was due to the complaints of a noisy minority of competitive try-hards. The squeaky wheel gets the oil etc etc. It really should have been a non-issue give that there are other weapons that can potentially cause confusion.

I mean, unless you’re playing in an actual eSports tournement (which have their own rules about custom skins), this shouldn’t have been a problem.


I totally agree. The weapons never confused me. I thought the whole thing was kinda rediculous.

Tbf though, I can see who it might’ve confused. My dad got me into Gears but he stopped playing after G3, even during G2 days he couldn’t play multiplayer because the color of the characters confused the color blindness in his eyes and he’d try to shoot Tai instead of the Flame Grenadier behind him.