New Keegan skin revealed. Plus, classic G4 skins in supply

Quartermaster Keegan will be the next featured skin

Octus also confirmed that classic JD, Del and Kait will be free in supply in the coming weeks.


LMAO!!! That hair is the funniest thing I have seen all day


I think his pretty bad ■■■. Gives me a action movie hero vibe.

Pretty cool looking. But again, prices are still too high…

I thought they where’re going to look at the prices?


$10 isn’t too bad, c’mon now.

With that said I wonder what the next chrome steel skin will be?

Sniper swarm and Kait

if its kait im a sucker cuz i want all her skins lol


Well, I noticed a theme.

The scion and fahz both hold the same weapon, Lancer GL.

Could be coincidence or could be how they choose their pairs.

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Na its a rip off. What TC should have done was keep the “Steel” characters at a $ price tag and let us earn more Iron for regular skin purchases.

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Yup. For a start, 500 iron for re up maybe. Seeing as re up is garbage right now.


I thought the re ups in Gears 4 were bad with the ugly yellow skins but Gears 5 is crap so far. But at the end of the day as long as the base characters are free I dont really care about variant skins. Just give me Cole, Hoffman and Clay and Ill be happy.

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Where did you see this

It’s like they want to try out the weirdest hair and facial hair combo on this man.

I demand an actual XXL afro with jiggle physics next character.


And everytime you shoot at it, it leaves holes in the afro. I’d buy a character with that.


Keegan ends up the Oscar of Gears 5, with the most effort put into his 45 different skins.

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That afro tho lmao

That hair is absolutely epic!!!

Even on Sera they haven’t found a cure for male pattern baldness, hence the terrible toupee.

I think you can also purchase the Classic Squad for 1,000 Iron too.