New kait 10 bucks really

You get us all hyped say we have a new kait and wow you want us to pay 10 bucks for her come on. Also you can’t even preview the pack so who would buy that. Kait is my main character but to pay for her when I have 160k plus credits is nuts.

Give it time, credit option will show up eventually, From past packs, we should know by now that there’s a delay until the credit option becomes available.

None of the 10 dollar exclusives have been sold as credit packs basically like black steel for the price.

MOTD shows she is Legendary, but actually an Epic Card when dropped.

Well community packs always have a credit option, unless TC said this pack is a monetary only, then you can expect there to be credit option.

400 credit packs are up on the store on the website

They’re also 5 card packs.

Yeah, I thought 400 Credits would be 3 Cards but this is quite generous. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll be spending some credits when I get home

Lol I’ve just read vbucks.

As mentioned above it always takes some time for the credit option to appear.

Happy Hunting!