New items in 1 day (Store)

New items in 1 day… Then turns into new items in 24 hours… This seems a little confusing, is 1 day not the same as 24 hours?

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The timer doesn’t account for individual minutes until it gets below 1 hour, or hours until it gets below 1 day. So you could be looking at a 1 day timer when it’s actually still 1 day, 23h 59m for example.

Those marked as 1 day have been around for almost a week (they start as 7 days remaining).

My point exactly.

Just some more issues to be tweaked. It’s already breaking it down into days/hours and such, why is it not accurate then.

Edit - @Belkain

Yes, I know, my point is it tells me new items in 1 day, so I wait said day, only for it to then tell me new items in 24 hours… this needs to be fixed to clearly reflect said time until new items.

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