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New issues I am noticing with gears

So just some new issues I have noticed with both horde and Escape. The skill cards after I complete a match don’t register as me having earned them. I literally have to wait till the next day before they light up if I unlocked them, or level them up after I get the required duplicates. In addition to that if I have a recently unlocked card, An example is my Cog gear character I unlocked the Suppressive Recharge card, and I cant equip it. There is a super long delay for registering skills cards from when I unlocked them or can upgrade them.

Dropping weapons in horde or escape. I understand why dropping weapons was removed from versus. there apparently was some dupe glitch in versus that people were abusing. However horde and escape players are now getting punished for something totally unrelated to them. In Horde you can build a forge and use it to smelt weapons in exchange for energy. Jack bot has a smelting card that increases the amount of energy the team receives from destroyed weapons. A tactic that was commonly used was teammates would help jack bot pickup weapons and then they would drop them off by the forge. Get three teammates doing that and jack bot damn near doesn’t have to leave the forge as his teammates just bring him the weapons. well we can’t do that now. I can understand the reason for removing the ability to drop weapons. You should have just removed that option from versus and left horde and escape alone.

It effected horde and escape too, none of this is new or surprising… imagine escape with all torque and boom shots maxed out with duped keegans. Yeah…

Restart gears if your cards aren’t showing


Well in horde I didn’t see too much of it. And if it did happen in horde well then they shouldn’t have made ammo such a hard thing to come by. I have played with plenty of enigeers who for some reason or another basically refuses to build weapons lockers.

Oh no they made weapons lockers useful and now you have to rely on teamwork, being new to gears must suck XD

heaven forbid we put on headsets and actually “talk” to each other and work as a team :stuck_out_tongue: