New Ideas For Horde

Recently I’ve been playing Gears Tactics and having tons of fun with it. Seeing some of the customization I’ve always wanted in a gears game is nice and refreshing but this opens the door to implement and test new things in Gears 5. With Gears Tactics implementing these different abilities and classes, why not bring some of those abilities and classes to Gears 5 horde. For example the Vanguard class, giving your teammates different stats while in cover near you like a damage boost or damage reduction. Potentially having the Vanguard debuff enemies where he can lower their armor making them easier to kill. Maybe require the Vanguard to get an active and he can apply these affects to enemies he shoots with active bullets. This also makes me think about a better support class. Right now we do have the cog gear for stim and revives but what about a character that can heal like Jack does currently. Having one ultimate ability does limit the amount of things you could do but maybe the cards could be focus around you doing damage and that damage returns to your team as health. Marcus can do the same with stim but stim seems so weak sometimes in higher difficulties why night focus healing people and keeping them at max health throughout the waves. Also the Heavy class. Having someone spawn in with a mulcher and giving them cards that increase the power of the mulcher and different effects to strengthen your character. We have tank classes in the game that don’t really tank because they die just as quick on masters as everyone else but allowing the Heavy to post up and get natural damage reduction but increasing this number over time as he stays in cover giving him an incentive to find a vantage point and stay they so over time he become very hard to kill. This sounds very strong but he would lose that bonus every time he needs to leave cover to go grab another mulcher when he runs out of ammo. This is a tab bit long so ill just wrap it up. Having characters that have game changing skills could help shift the meta so we dont have to run the same characters all the time. Of course you still have to run a mechanic but give me more powerful options or supportive options so you’re not just relying on Carmine to stun everything while JD blows everything up.