NEW IDEA: Give Points for Marking Someone?

So… at the competitive level… marking your opponents is huge for team work…

Here’s an idea…

What if every time you mark someone… you get +15 points that appears in the top right… and if you double mark someone… you can get more points…

The idea is to promote marking, as it’s essentially an “Assist” like in other sports…

You spotted the enemy, your teammate now made different decisions because of his awareness of this mark appearing… often leading in the favor of the player who is not marked for the player in advantage can corner camp and sneak an easy one-shot body kill lol

What I’m trying to say is…

Give some bonus points for marking an enemy to help force more marking, which enhances teamwork?

If a double mark or triple mark… you could get more points like x2 x3 or something…


Good idea!
Players don’t mark enemies often or sometimes don’t even bother marking at all.
This would enable players to cooperate with each other.

I’m a bit skeptical about this though… wouldn’t want people to start spamming the button too frequently and hear their voice line repeatedly saying ‘Enemy marked’.

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That’s a great idea for both PvP and PvE. TC should make medals and achievements for this. And Baird should also teach marking in the boot camp.
People love to complain but cannot begin to play the game well. Aim and press Right Stick please ! And when you move, use cover, smoke and try not to be easily seen.

Btw, I know there’s a game mode that give points when your mark gets killed but that’s not enough.

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Exactly. Hope TC updates adds this crucial feature in their next update.

This is a no brainer but far too many people are either too lazy or don’t mark so they can make it their kill. It is incredibly frustrating that I feel like I’m one of the few that constantly marks enemies.

Just last night I was playing Horde in Clocktower. Our base was upstairs and the engi didn’t put enough barriers, so it happened frequently that something managed to get through. I was walking towards the left side and just before I was able to stick against the wall to cover the left staircase, an Ice Scion turned around the corner and instantly froze me to death. The one on my team that was shooting at it commented ‘I thought you knew he was there’. No, BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T SPOT IT!

This is an extremely useful features that a lot of people willingly don’t use. I don’t think anything would work to change this, except if it would be something like increasing damage on marked target. And that’s something I don’t want to see, because it’s just really stupid that you need to give people a selfish reward for a team supporting feature.

In PvE certain characters already receive certain bonuses for marking enemies so that’s your reward as for PvP no xp should be awarded for marking people. If somebody needs an incentive to be a good teammate and do what they should be doing then that already says alot about the type of player they are. But you shouldn’t be rewarded for being a teammate sorry.

In PvE there many important bonuses for marking enemies. Yet people don’t mark.
In PvP everybody gets points from the elimination system, nowadays your downs aren’t yours and people easily get carried to higher ranks already. Oh and you get ally xp bonus just for being in a stack.

And you find a way to say sh*t like “You shouldn’t be rewarded for being a teammate.” ?? What’s your point ?
I don’t even know why I’m asking …

Yes I’m aware as I stated so thanks now as for what people do or do not do is irrelevant to the point. The point was they exist in PvE modes.

Yes thankfully tc changed that it was really annoying when you’d down someone only to have a “teammate” swoop in and steal your kill so I’m glad they’ve somewhat eliminated that.

You sure do and that’s just as stupid you would play with them anyways weather or not you got xp for it so while it was nice of TC to add it was also unnecessary.

I didn’t find a way to say anything. I straight up said you shouldn’t get xp just for doing something that should be standard do it or don’t but getting xp for it is ridiculous as for why your asking clearly you misunderstood something and needed further clarification so I hope this has helped you in your endeavor to understand. Not sorry if you disagree with my opinion but I’m fully optimistic that you’ll find a positive way to get over it at your earliest convenience.

It’s annoying how things have to be careful because of “abusers”…

I was thinking it could be similar to like a double kill… triple kill etc… you just get bonus points if you mark enough opponents in a certain amount of time… without is fine too… but could encourage even more as an “assist”

We actually had medals for marking enemies in gears 3 and 4, but hey guess what? TC got rid of all those medals!

Yeah this should be encouraged, randoms rarely use it. And it can be really useful like spotting power weapons and campers.

You are awarded points if your mark is killed. 30pts. So wish granted?

Long Live Guardian!!!

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