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New idea for Tour of Duty

Instead of accumulation of stars to earn ranks that give you items, what if we threw out ranks entirely and just went back to the leveling system BUT we still have challenges that gives us stars. And we choose what items we want to spend those stars on.

For example you level with XP and much like Gears 4 its just an indicator on how often you play. That’s really about it.

But we still do challenges like kill 30 drones, win 10 KOTH matches ect ect. But when we finish these challenges we still earn stars and we get to specifically choose what we want to spend those stars on that’s available during the current Tour of Duty

Ranks like Sargent and general are gone. The Tour of Duty is now just a variety of different challenges and a shop where we get to spend our stars on.

This provides incentive to play because we get to buy exactly what we want without the impossible grind and earning items that no one will ever want before we get to content that we DO actually want. And if we don’t see anything we like we still want to play because when we accumulate stars so we can save them for the next batch of items.

They can still keep their Iron system for people who choose not to grind and just simply buy the item with real money,

I find this to be very fair for both the consumer and the business.

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I miss the Tour of Duty with all the ribbons we earn after a match.
They seem to have forgot all that in Gears5.
We used to have a stats and achievements for all these in previous games

Whats the point showing it only after a match now?

I hate where we can’t access our challenges during a match, It makes people want to leave lobbies to see how much they have progressed.