New idea for the gears community concerning updates

How about instead of complaining all the time about the nerfs and gameplay variables, we take it back to at least operation 4 tuning when it seems most everyone was happy and leave tuning towards the end of Gears 5s life-cycle…

Because imo all this back log of complaints on tuning is sure to clog up any inspiration and chance for additional content such as gamemodes, maps and customizable content such as characters, I’ll admit I have my own agenda when it comes to additional content, but I really feel like we are slowly falling back into this Gears of war 4 phase of constant tuning where it pretty much took almost all of TCs time, sure you could say TC had a bit of a head start in regards to additional content for Gears 5 and I’d say we’ve had a brilliant bundle of additions this op5 when comparing to Gears 4 but at least in operation 4 it was playable (I’m not saying it isn’t I’m saying in terms of everyone that was currently playing)

I think if TC focused more of their attention on additional content like dlc, maps and gamemodes etc rather than tuning the game would be 100% better for everyone in the long run, that means no sneaky updates doing slight gnasher adjustments, because I think that’s where we are going wrong, the people who play notice this stuff and we don’t let TC shy away from it no matter what and it causes divide and uproar within the community, I’m not saying this happens now because I wouldn’t know but it must’ve when Rod was in charge (Not meaning to beat a dead horse there… :grimacing:)

Please no hate, its controversial, but the last thing I wanted was to cause further divide and disruption, we need to come together and agree on things a bit more, because we all love Gears :heart:

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